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Susan's Dream: Some Sisters In A House, Preparing & Ready...Some Trains, UN Blue, New World Order

Susan's Dream Tues 10/24/23:

The ladies in our team and some other sisters were in a small house with 2 rooms with bunk beds in it. The first scene I saw was us just talking. The next day myself and another sister were outside of the house doing last minute things. I was at the corner down the street from the house, I saw an overhead traffic light come across left to right above me. I heard a voice laughing, then the male voice said shelter in place. Then I saw a gray power cord on my feet and I stole it off and told it to get off me. In front of me was a gray train with green lights like the certificate tick ✅ and I knew that I was not to go on that train. I ran to the house. The sisters were each using a quilted sleeping bag. There was a lady who was dressed like us at the door but we could not open the door for her. The next thing I saw was the train out the front of the house ( I could see out but the blinds were closed so they couldn’t see in). There was a lady directing the people who got out of the train- Christians who were in O carrriage over here, why are you still here you are smelly. Those in W Carriage over here and the sick over here, they were wearing blue and white bibs. The NWO blue.


This is definitely a "NOW" dream! Praise Jesus!!

Ok first - Susan was shown by The Lord (and I got full confirmation in my spirit) that all the girls that were in the small house represent the wise virgins, and the small house represents their own temples that are (or are not in the case of the foolish virgins) fully prepared to meet the Bridegroom. Then Susan and another sister were outside getting ready - because the wise virgins are fully and properly prepared.

All the girls had sleeping bags - the Aramaic says - Matt 25:5 'But when the groom delayed, all of them grew tired and slept.' ALL of them grew tired and slept. BUT - the WISE virgins were fully prepared and ready for His call! 🥰❤️‍🔥 We also got confirmation that the sleeping bags represented the first group of first fruits in their glorified bodies which will be in their "bubbles outside of time while here in time"!! ❤️‍🔥🙌 (Here is the link to Kathy's 3 visions from Feb 2019 explaining the bubbles! )

Traffic lights - representing that the wise virgins have clear direction for their lives from The Written & Rhema Word of God.

The male voice laughing represents the antiChrist and his beast system standing and ruling the world (very temporarily) through their New World Order....announcing to all to "shelter in place" - enforcing their "control".

The trains represent the different levels of the Tribulation and the multitude (too large to number) that will endure their refining through it.

The gray cord around Susan's feet represents the world trying to distract her (unsuccessfully of course because she removes the cord) -- the enemy wants her to forget the path she is on with Jesus so she 'becomes' luke warm and has to go on the gray train. And the gray train: The color gray...."gray area"...not black or white...but, of course "gray" or... luke warm". The "check" represents the "broad way" train...not the "narrow way" that Jesus wants us on...His Way...His will. Susan knew she was NOT to go on the gray, luke warm train. AMEN!!

"There was a lady who was dressed like us at the door but we could not open the door for her. " -- The Lord CONFIRMED this represented the 3 Days of Darkness that will of course occur after the firstfruits get their Transfiguration (first group) and Transformation (2nd group)...this will all happen on the same day.

The lady directing the people who got out of the train telling the Christians who were in O carriage (train car) that they are smelly. This lady is representative of the world antiChrist powers-that-be and the marked. She says the Christians "smell" - because true Christians are the "pleasing aroma of Christ"!! Amen!! (Eph 5:2) - and of course the enemy HATES us!! PRAISE JESUS!!

And the "sick" (that came off the "W" train) are the marked (or anyone who has chosen the enemy and/or their own will instead of God's will) - therefore "sick" - because they've fully chosen to accept and follow the New World Order/United Nations "blue bibs", and they are aligned with FEMA and the beast system. And "bibs" represents that they are being fed by, and consuming, all the garbage the antiChrist beast system and the quantum computer feeds them.


The "O" may also represent "Omega" - as in "The End". Although - Allyson thought she remembered Susan talking about the "O" train representing dirtbag Obama - lightening from heaven - the antiChrist. And...the "W" train....could represent "the world" that they have chosen instead of Jesus.

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