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The Lord’s Super Soldiers & The Wall Of Color – Kathy

Visions from the Lord from February 2019 For 20 years, my husband and I were staunch post Trib. And then in an amazing and supernatural way, The Lord revealed purely by His rhema word, through 3 open visions, the transfiguration of the First Fruits bride. Many may have heard of the “first rapture”, or the “transformation”, but The Lord gave me the word “Transfiguration”, because he told me that Jesus transfiguration on the Mount was the precursor, or a type and shadow of what will happen to the first fruits when we go outside of time and get our glorified bodies, to come back into the Harvest to help bring in the rest of the body of Christ.

Throughout the last 20 years, as the Lord strengthened my walk with him, he has always revealed things to me first by his spirit through the rhema word, and then as time went on, he then revealed to me through his word all of the scriptural backup. Everybody has their own wonderful relationship with him, and this is how he always worked with me.

So for the first time, we began to understand that things were going to happen much differently than we expected. The wonderful thing was, because we were post Trib to begin with, it was so amazing, & such a miracle to understand that we would not have to go through the entire tribulation! That there really would be an escape outside of time with Jesus for the first fruits! We were so incredibly excited!

I had 3 open visions.

In the first vision, I saw a giant nuclear explosion go off, and then I saw this army with myself in the front row just marching forward. And our whole army marched…more like charged right through the entire explosion and came out the other side with mighty power!! Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, we came out the other side not even smelling like smoke! Still charging forward!!

In the second vision, I was in a classroom, and the Holy Spirit was our teacher. I was in the row that would normally be next to the windows, however instead of the windows being next to me there was a huge Wall of Color! The best way I can describe what this looks like, the background was almost a deep blue or indigo, with every possible color that you can imagine sort of swirled into it, with sparkles all through it. It is very hard to describe. But it was amazingly beautiful! I came to understand that this wall of color was representing the veil. I knew that the Lord was teaching me that this Wall of Color is what we will walk through when we go outside of time with him. So as I sat there in the class, the Holy Spirit signaled to me to go ahead and put my hand and forearm into the wall of color just to see what would happen. He was teaching me. So I reached my hand into the wall of color, and my entire hand and forearm were completely surrounded by light! Just as a cloud would have a silver lining! And I quickly pulled it out and giggled because it was so amazing to see this!

In the third vision, I was sitting here at my desk, and I heard the Lord’s voice calling me. And when I heard his voice calling, I could see in the spirit he was hovering in the Sky, calling out, “Come! It’s time!” and at that moment I knew exactly what was happening, and I jumped up as fast as I could, and I ran out my back door down the stairs and around the front of our house! and in front of our house its normally a busy country road, however all that had disappeared, and it was this huge beautiful grassy area that led up to a grassy Hill. And at the top of the hill was this same Wall of Color!! And it went for miles and miles! I ran as fast as I could to get to the top of that Hill, yet I felt the need to look to my right to see if there was other people, and I did see some running towards it, but very, very few. And I thought to myself wow there’s so few people coming! But then I realized… of course it’s because it’s only the first fruits coming up here! And then when I got to the top there was about four or five people with me, and we kind of stopped at the top and looked at the wall of color and looked at each other wondering if we should just go ahead and run in. When suddenly a man ran from behind us so excited that he ran straight in – and then right back out – and his ENTIRE BODY was literally glowing with that same light I had seen in that classroom! But it was 100 times more amazing! He was just glowing with the Light of God!! And understand I had this vision BEFORE I understood anything about how scripture says arise and shine – or really any of the scriptural backup of Transfiguration! I hadn’t learned anything about how grounded in the word this teaching was! All I did was have these visions and waited to see how God was going to confirm this to me! And over the past two years, He has never ceased to amaze me on how the First Fruits Transfiguration is literally throughout the entire word of God! It is so amazing!

I just thought I would share this with you all, by now, all of the first fruits know who they are, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Because we have all been sanctified, and we are ready to go outside of time with Jesus, get our glorified bodies, so that we can get back into the harvest and begin our work! So, most who are going to be reading this, and come to this site regularly, you all know the scriptures that back up the transformation, however if anybody wants to see more on this – or lots of scriptures on it – just pop over to our web site at where you’ll find lots of info, as well as links to our videos that explain everything.

God bless you all and we’ll see all the first fruits outside of time!! GLORY TO GOD!!!

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