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AntiChrist Obama Dream, Kathy STOOD FIRM With Jesus Against The Enemy!!

Updated: Apr 14

Kathy's Dream Of Standing Against The Enemy AntiChrist Obama


Dirtbag Obama dream 😡

The whole dream took place in the home where I grew up. Obama was there, and he was working whatever he could to try to get to me. Through the dream we would change rooms back and forth! Obama kept trying to use all his tools to either attack me - or try to get me to serve him.

The Lord kept protecting me...some of our team family, sort of, popped in and out of the situation, sort of in a spiritual way. When they were there, they would stand with me. Obama would try his garbage, and nothing would work. The Lord would always win and help me to overcome.

And at one point, Obama was REALLY trying to get me to serve him. I looked him IN THE FACE and pointed my finger saying 'NO!!!!!!!!!" He'd come back and say "YES!" I 'd stare him down in confidence in Jesus, and AGAIN and said "NO!!!!" This went on a couple more times back and forth, and he gave up and tried something else.

Of course, nothing was working, and Obama started getting irritated because Jesus would just stop it every time!! I just kept standing in faith with Jesus, and He would just keep me a step ahead of him each time!

The Lord revealed to me that Obama was trying to get to me thru my memories. He was digging around the frequencies from my mind, trying to find "weaknesses", which could be several things, such as sin, fragmented memories, and the traumas that go along with that...of which I've had a whole lot of throughout my lifetime.

So, in the dream, Obama continued to dig and search....through my though frequencies, as well as the history he has of me, as he had his minions watch my every move since I was born, in order to try to take me down and stop me from fulfilling my call.

I also realized we kept changing rooms. Each time we changed rooms, Obama would try one tactic, The Lord would lead me to do something to counteract it, and suddenly we were in another room and he would try a different tactic. Of course, nothing was working because The Lord kept me a step ahead of him the whole time.

Towards the end Obama was getting REALLY irritated with me and he gets on his cell phone trying to think of more tactics, talking to whoever he was talking to on the other end.

Then he looks at me with major frustration and intimidation, and boy I could feel that dirtbag enemy intimidation REALLY trying to get to me. I saw his thoughts moving, like he was starting to come up with something else, and I just stopped and woke up.



The interpretation of this, is something the Lord wanted me to share with you guys tonight. For the last 24 years, and especially in the last three or four years, through countless heart healing and deliverance sessions, the Lord hath taught me some very powerful truths in regard to the tools of the enemy, especially his lies.

Recently, the Lord brought me to the culmination of revelation on “how” the enemy works to deceive people.  I now have a very strong grasp on how the enemy works through our memory and imagination…in the mind. We were created spirit, soul, and body, and it’s the “soul” that is our mind, our will, and our emotions. Now I’m not gonna go there tonight, It goes its in a whole other direction and we don’t have time for that tonight. So back on track….of course we know the mind is where all the trauma, fear, anger, resentment, unforgiveness…and all other sin is located, and as well, our soul is very fragmented from all of this. One of the biggest lies and misconceptions out there is that the second a person “gets saved”, the Blood of Jesus finished everything – and that person is good to go forever!! NO. Wrong. This is a “once saved always saved” false doctrine. Yes, we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ, by the Blood Jesus shed for us on that cross. But that does NOT mean “everything’s all good and we can sit back in our lazy boy chair till Jesus comes.” Each true child of God has the responsibility to read, learn, and live out the Word of God, stay in repentance, and love The Lord our God will all our heart, will all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves.” That is how a TRUE child of God needs to walk out their faith in Jesus Christ.

Ok, so the soul is where the enemy looks REAL hard to find the weaknesses, where he thinks he can get his foot in the door. And of course, the trauma that created any fragmented parts of our soul, was most of the time caused by the enemy anyway, and if the fragment is still there, the enemy is still hanging around trying to manipulate that fragment. This is what heart healing and deliverance it's all about, Jesus healing those fragments, so that we can renounce and kick out the enemy, and Jesus can seal up any possible open spots.

Now just to touch on this one more time, s we can include it in this teaching….the enemy cannot ready our minds…HOWEVER…he can SEE the FREQUENCY that our thought are putting off into the spiritual atmosphere! Negative or sinful thoughts give off a frequency….good, Godly thoughts give off a completely different frequency. All of this of course is related to ”the mind” or “the soul…and so we come back full circle to how the enemy begins to “infiltrate” a person’s mind.

I couldn't possibly count how many heart healing and deliverances, I myself, have been through in the last 24 years, especially in the 3 or 4!! But I now realize the importance of it! The reason we were changing rooms in the dream, and like I said, he was looking for an area through my memories and fragments that he could manipulate. But I now fully understand, that through this dream, the Lord was showing me, that because I allowed Him to work in my heart through the sanctification process, and i allowed Him to heal those parts of my heart and I could kick out the enemy, the level of strength and faith I now have is more rock solid, in Jesus, than it ever has been in my entire life!!! GLORY TO GOD!!

I've often wondered why I have had to go through so many heart healing and deliverance sessions. I don't know that I know anybody in my whole life, in all the years they have done heart healing and deliverance that has had as many ministry sessions as myself! But I believe now that it was because of the call on my life, Not only in the heart healing and deliverance ministry, but that He has made me a commander in the 1st group of 144,000. The training that he has brought me through in preparation for this has been absolutely amazing! I am humbled beyond comprehension that he would choose me, and that he has taken so much time, with such Perfect patience, and so much of His Love and Mercy, to prepare my heart for this calling. This was ALL part of my training and preparation!! AMEN!!

I’d like to share a brief story. Last summer, I believe it was July, out of nowhere, we get a call from a very close old friend Sheila, who is a very powerful and strong prophet of God. We've known Sheila for almost our whole marriage. Now we hadn’t spoken with her in a while, and out of nowhere, The Lord began to speak to her about us.  So she called us and she said she had a super powerful word that the Lord just literally dropped in her spirit for us, all of us in our team family…but also specifically for Dan and me. She said the Lord had shown her, imminently, literally, hundreds, if not thousands of people being sent to us for heart healing and deliverance!! She saw lines as far as the eye could see waiting to get ministry through us!! Of course, we immediately knew that that would be in The Harvest! And even more amazing…the Lord set it up where Sheila would call the one night where it was just Dan, myself,  Susan and Jennifer in an on line call. So we asked Sheila to pray and ask the Lord if He had words for Susan and Jennifer as well. No sooner than I asked…did The Holy Spirit begin speaking through her, and He completely confirmed the call on Susan and Jennifer as seer prophets, and spoke some amazing prophetic words to each of them about what we know to be The Harvest!! It was SO AMAZING!! And this all just gave us such a HUGE BOOST of confidence in Jesus, that we were all on the right road!! And what a wonderful confirmation that we were right on track with hearing and sharing all the amazing revelations He was giving us!!


So, getting back to my dream, and what The Lord wanted me to share with you all….so Sheila also said that the Lord would specifically make me very, very, very STRONG, and that He was about to strengthen me in a gigantic way. Now of course I was thinking it was because we'll be getting transfigured lol, but I now understand that it was some of the toughest trials of my life that we went thru as a team family in the past 8 months. But of course Jesus helped me to overcome all of it, HALLELUJAH!!! And I now realize it was all a “strengthening process” used by The Lord, and it had all be prophesied through Sheila last summer! Absolutely amazing, glory to God!!

It has taken me 24 years to allow God to create in me a clean heart, and to heal my heart and set me free! This is why the enemy was trying to get me through “memories”…get it!?? “MEMORIES”!!! Because I've already overcome everything I have been healed and set free from!  But see, these old struggles were in the “past”, in the “memories”, which is where the dirtbag enemy wants to pull my mind back to so he can try to manipulate!!

We need to understand that this is where you hear all these people's struggle about the enemy bringing up the past, and trying to pull them back into sin. It's all because he's working through the memories and imagination in the mind! That is his biggest tool! And the most powerful way to overcome it all is making sure that we are allowing God to bring us through that sanctification process, and getting the heart healing and deliverance that we need, because let me tell you something, we're gonna need seriously super strength from the Lord to fight off the enemy and his dirtbag weapons right now. This is why he's been building up all of our strengths, now and in The Harvest, through all the trauma, through all the rough times, we needed to go through all of that! He needed to build us up so that we are prepared and ready to answer his call for The Harvest!!! HALLELUJAH!!! COME ON JESUS!!!

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