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Luke 4:18

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and because of this, He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim deliverance to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, and  to release the shattered with forgiveness."

Introduction to



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Introduction & Explanation Of
Spirit, Soul, & Body


Welcome to your first step to freedom in Jesus Christ!

We'll start with a very short explanation about the fact that heart healing and deliverance is only meant for true children of God who belong to Jesus Christ.  The ministry of Jesus is only meant for His children, and anyone that teaches you anything else is not teaching what Jesus taught us in the Gospels. Every single person that Jesus delivered had proclaimed their faith in him before he set them free. So this shows that the Lord set no one free unless they show him by their mustard seed faith, that they believe on Him.

A very basic understanding how this is true, and how it functions, is that we are all created with a spirit, soul, and body. When a person chooses Jesus Christ, and received Him into their heart, and chooses to live for Him only, their Spirit man gets saved. The Throne of God is in our spirit man, which is where Jesus and the Holy Spirit live the moment someone gives their life to Jesus Christ. However, contrary to many in mainstream "churchland" believe and teach, the soul and the body do not get saved when a person receives Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:38-39 "Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul."

The soul is the part of a person that is made up of their mind, will, and emotions.  This is the part of each person that represents their personality, who they are, and we make every choice through the soul. It is the part of us that wars along with the body, against the spirit. This is why the soul and body must come into submission to the spirit, where Jesus lives, in order to learn how to overcome sin, and live a righteous life.

The body is what you can pinch on your arm. Grab some of your skin and pinch, and that is your body. This is our physical selves that walk around, and function in the world around us. Mainstream churchland has actually taught us wrong for centuries. The Lord supernaturally revealed to me (Kathy), that the word "flesh" does not mean our physical bodies, it actually represents the lying illusions of the enemy. This is why in Romans chapter 8, it tells us not to walk according to the flesh...the lying illusions of the enemy... But it tells us to walk by the spirit, and of course that would be our spirit man where Jesus Lives. So having that understanding, we need to understand that "the lying illusions of the flesh/enemy" will usually focus their tempting on the body first, and then of course it goes to the soul because the soul is the part of us that makes the choices.

If you can picture it in your mind, it's sort of like those old cartoons. Picture your soul standing in the middle, and then your spirit on the right side, and your body on the left side. The spirit whispers the things of  truth and righteousness, And lead you to always make the right choices according to the word of God.  However because the body is very influenced by the lying illusion of the flesh/enemy,  it might tend to try to steer you in a not-so-good direction. It may try to get you to sin, and try to lead you to do something you shouldn't do. So the soul is standing in the middle, taking this information in, and trying to decide what choice it's going to make. Now, if his soul (and body) have come in line with the spirit, then it will make the right choice according to the word of God. However, if a person is in sin, and they are living their own will instead of God's will... Or they choose to follow the world instead of God, they will have a much harder time making the right choice, and unfortunately they may make

the wrong choice.

So this is a very basic understanding of spirit, Soul, and body... And of course the scriptural reference for the fact that we must seek out heart healing and deliverance as part of the sanctification process, in order to skip death and go straight outside of time in the clouds with Jesus at His Second Coming, would be in 1 Thess 5:23 "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Now having the above understanding, you also need to understand how a demon can be in a True Believer if they have the Holy Spirit inside of them, because as many Have misinterpreted God's word, they believe that a Christian cannot have demons because they have the Holy Spirit. This is not only a false teaching, but it is a very dangerous false teaching.

Now that I've explained spirit, soul, and body to you, I will explain the function on how this all works. We will use a little girl named Mary as an example. Mary's five years old, she was abused by a relative, the abuse was horrible, and she went through years of trauma. When God created us, he gave us a coping mechanism that would help us handle such horrible trauma. Little Mary, at the moment when it becomes so overwhelming that she cannot go on another moment, in the spirit she sort of creates a little box. A little piece of Mary's heart splits off into a fragment, sort of like another little separate teeny tiny Mary. That little teeny tiny Mary then grabs hold of all of the trauma, the fear, the anger, the confusion, and all of the other sinful (yet totally understandable) emotions, and then that little tiny fragment of Mary climbs into that box, she takes all of those emotions with her...and because demons have a legal right when there is sin, or even just sinful emotions, they will jump in that box with that teeny fragments of little Mary, and then the top of the box is shut, its locked, and it's pushed way down deep. This is what the Lord taught me to call..."Demonized". This is not possession, nor is it oppression. The only time "possession" comes into play is if someone is completely separate from God, they do not belong to Jesus Christ, and demons possess they're spirit, soul, and body...all three. And "oppression" it's really nothing, it's just the enemy around you bothering you. That is really honestly no big deal, and that's just plain old spiritual warfare.

The True Ministry Of
Heart Healing & Deliverance

The true ministry of heart healing and deliverance as taught by Jesus himself, in the word of God, is much different than the picture Hollywood and the world have painted over the years. Movies about "exorcism", that the "Harlot Catholic Church" calls it, have caused many to think it's this horrible and scary thing. Now, of course, this is only because the enemy wants to scare the people away from it because, very simply, he doesn't want to leave! In reality, biblically, any true believer in Jesus Christ is able to cast out demons. The problem is, however, there is very, very little teaching on this type of ministry out there in this generation. I can tell you why there is very little teaching on it, because we are in the very last generation on earth, in the last moments on Earth, and satan is doing everything he can to pull down as many with him as possible before Jesus comes back. And you may ask, "well does that mean just because you have demons that you won't go to heaven?" Absolutely not.  What that means is this...because the mark of the beast is out there (the CV Vax), the demons spirits of pharmakeia and antichrist have a whole little gang of demon dirtbags that have been assigned to try to deceive as many as they possibly can. So if the enemy can prevent people from getting the heart healing and deliverance they need, they have a chance to keep open doors - wide open - so they can continue to try to deceive that person into taking the mark of the beast.

Many of you may ask yourself, "How do I know whether I need ministry?" Well, I don't think you would be reading this page unless the Lord was leading you.  So, instead, the question you should probably be asking yourself is, "Ok, Lord, why did you lead me here, and what is it that's in my heart that You want to heal and set free?"

There's something that's very important that mainstream Churchland also overlooks and it's so very wrong. The verse from the word of God in Luke chapter 4 verse 18 tells us the Jesus heal the brokenhearted. So the very first thing did he mention in relation to Ministry is healing the broken hearted. What do you suppose that means? It means the heal someone's heart.  And it includes crucial things such as repentant, forgiveness, release of trauma & healing by Jesus from abuse...etc. This process is a little different with each person depending what specific things they've been through and what types of trauma they've experienced. From the very beginning of His training in me, The Lord showed me the utmost importance of heart healing. In fact, about 23 years ago, The Lord gave me the gift and anointing of Healing, and that was a full year before He gave me the gift and anointing of Deliverance. Healing the heart is crucial. But too many ministers push it aside, or even worse, they don't even consider it, and they simply focus on kicking out demons. Now there are very specific circumstances when the Holy Spirit may lead someone to just cast out demons. God is The God of Miracles, and he can do whatever He'd like in any situation. However, in my experience in my 22 years in this ministry, simply casting out demons without having the heart healing is a very, very dangerous way of approaching this ministry. Why you ask? In the word of God in Matthew 12:43-45, “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”

That scripture is, of course, yet another parable. A parable is sort of like telling a story to help explain something.  The general meaning of the scriptures is this... When a person is delivered of demons, if there was no heart healing, and they we're never shown how or why they picked up these demons in the first place, how in the world will they ever know how to never invite them again? In this parable, it explains that their house was "swept clean and empty". That means that their heart has not been made right in Jesus Christ. And this is what happens when a person has traumas or very rough patches in their life. They have all of these fragments of their heart that they have been holding on to their entire lives, which means...they have not given Jesus their "whole" heart. So then, someone comes along and kicks out the demons from these parts of the heart, with no heart healing, well they'll certainly be clean and empty! But because there's no healing of that broken heart, they're wide open to have that same demon come back with 7 more "buddies", and they will be seven times worse than they were to begin with. (And just a little side note, that number seven is symbolic, because they can come back with many many more than just seven.) So as you can see, heart healing is crucial, and must happen before the actual casting out of the demonic spirits happens, or the person is going to have some issues down the road because they don't know what not to do, so they don't invite the enemy right back in.

Once the heart healing complete, then comes...believe it or not... The easy part....kicking out the enemy. The renouncing process, and kicking out the demons that were attached to is just a matter of walking through it, and finishing it up. 

Just a note: there are some ministries out there that film the deliverances, and you may see a lot of manifesting of spirits while it's happening, but please always know that those types of manifestations are few and far between as long as the heart healing is being done, thoroughly, first. Because once the heart healing is done, there is no longer legal right for the enemy to stay, so there's no fight left. There may be an occasional situation where the enemy is very angry and he might show it, but that is very rare. The biggest reason why we don't see a lot of physical manifestations when we minister, is because we make sure we do a thorough job with the heart healing first. If the legal right has been completely abolished,  the enemy knows he has nothing else to fight with, and they must go. And, as always, there are specific circumstances and situations that may cause some physical manifestations, but in my experience, I have only had a few over the years...out of many, many deliverances, that have actually physically shown manifestations. The Lord has just never led me to allow the spirits to do that.  Although The Lord has taught, just as Jesus did in the Gospels, we will question a demon as as needed, as the Lord leads, but very rarely, will the spirit speak through the person (mostly we just hear the answers in the spirit). 

Now there are some ministries who do group deliverance, and group deliverance 'can' work, but it's not very thorough, and it's not personal. So even though the person might get 'some' deliverance, because the heart healing isn't going to be there, it's only going to be surface, and they will most definitely need follow-up to finish what was started.

So all of that said, now comes time for heart healing and deliverance ministry. In this type of ministry, we must make appointments with myself (Kathy) and one of the two girls that stand with my as partners in heart healing and deliverance. Because all of us have our own lives and responsibilities, especially the two girls on the team who are partners with me, we need to be respectful and understand that the appointments need to work around their schedules as well,  and we only have a few mornings a week, and a few evenings a week to work with. So if you have prayed and asked the Lord, and you believe there is something that the Lord wants to address in your heart, please contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. And because Jesus willingly gave His life for us, so we freely give of our time for anyone The Lord sends to us for ministry. And, of course, if you feel led to bless us, of course, it's always appreciated.

What To Expect After Heart Healing & Deliverance & The Need For Follow Through

The most important thing that you'll need to remember once your heart healing and deliverance session is done, is standing in the New Freedom that Jesus has given you. First of all, obviously, the enemy is not happy at all that you've been set free, and he will do everything he can to try to pull you back into his bondage. How does he do this? He will start by testing you. And yes, God will absolutely allow this, because you need to strengthen your faith in Him and The fact that He set you free.

Some of the ways the enemy uses, they are classic tactics, is simply using the same attacks that he used to give you before you were set free, to try to get you to have doubt and unbelief and what God has done for you. Or other times it may be a completely brand new type of attack to try to just get to you in a different way. The enemy tries whatever ridiculous lies he can to see what he can deceive you with. When he see someone get heart healing and deliverance, he gets desperate, and he will try anything to get them back. But of course there's nothing to fear in any of this, Jesus is always there with you, and everything you need to fight this battle is in the word of God. Scriptures like..."You have the power to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, And nothing by any means shall harm you."  Or, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper!" Or even..."God doesn't give me a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind." Any type of attack, or whispers that are not in line with those Bible verses, are of the enemy. How do you rebuke them? Read those scriptures! Go to our spiritual warfare page on the website here and read those prayers oh, they are powerful And full of scripture! Remember that the scriptures are your sword of the spirit! And the enemy hates that! This is why we have to stand and not back down!

So, the minute one of these attacks happens right after you've been through ministry, of course, the first thing you think is, "What in the world!? Didn't I just get heart healing and deliverance? This is supposed to be gone! I don't understand!" These are all completely normal reactions, and this is exactly why the Lord led me to set up this page. The above information is something that I share with people that we minister to, but

sometimes it may be forgotten, or misunderstood, and there needed to be a place that we can use for a

reference for anyone who is choosing to get heart healing and deliverance, or they have gotten ministry, and are

very confused as to what is happening as a result.

So now that you understand that it's  very common to get, sometimes severe, attack from the enemy right after you've gone through heart healing and deliverance. The enemy wants you back, and he will do whatever he can do to try to pull you back. The worst thing you can do is run away. Once you start the process of heart healing and deliverance, you need to follow through. This is how you stand in what Jesus is already done in your heart. If you begin to step back, and you allow the enemy to isolate you, or you allow him to lead you to other people that are negative and are not encouraging you to stand in your freedom, you could unfortunately allow the enemy to begin to open the doors that you've already closed. This is why if and when any attacks begin after the Deliverance, you should immediately contact whoever ministered to you, and let them know. They can tell you how you can come against it, or they can schedule another follow-up session to see what has been uncovered. You see you have to understand once you start, you begin to remove layers of things you've picked up through your lifetime, by removing those layers, it uncovers other heart fragments and layers that were hidden underneath. It shakes up a whole lot of emotion, and sometimes trauma, that was hiding underneath everything for many years. So these fragments, and these emotions, are not happy that they're being forced to the surface, because they have been very comfortable hiding behind everything else. This is why standing and follow through with the process is crucial.

You also need to understand, is that once you have this freedom, it sometimes may feel very overwhelming. Because a lot of times during ministry things will be dealt with in your heart that were protecting you from a lot of the pain and anguish from the trauma that you've been through. But when the Lord delivers us from things like this, He expects us to begin to diligently seek HIM...ask Him, seek Him, go to Him with your concerns FIRST...always. He wants to be your all in all. He wants to be the one that you seek for guidance, wisdom, and strength to continue in the process of walking out your new found freedom.

Now a particularly tough case is when someone is living in an abusive situation on a regular basis. This situation must be discussed thoroughly with whoever is ministering to you so they can understand your situation, and so they can explain what you need to be ready for once the process begins. They especially need to know if there has been any type of Mind manipulation, or deep abuse in your past. These are very be able to know which direction to begin, and also to know if the particular ministry your working with is setup or anointed to handle that type of ministry.

In situations like these where the person is still continually being abused, mentally and emotionally, heart healing and deliverance is wonderful, but it's not going to stop the abuse. It will however, get rid of everything inside in relation to the unhealthy and dysfunctional (yet understandable) responses that the victim is having in relation to the abuser.  The best advice,  and I'm sure you've heard it before, is that "we can't control what other people do, but we can control how we respond." This is exactly what it's called for in these type of situations. Of course the best thing for someone who's living in the abusive situation would be to get out of that situation. But in a lot of cases, the victim of abuse is very controlled by the abuser, or their particular living situation is forcing them to be there. In these cases, the heart healing and deliverance must happen, however the person has to make a commitment to follow through with the process of ministry, no matter how hard it gets because of the current abuse. In cases where the abuse is so severe that the person cannot handle it themselves, they really do need to seek the Lord on contacting the proper authorities, or maybe some type of Refuge that can help them Escape their situation, and of course get lots of prayer.  Dan and I are not set up for this type of issue. We have no problem ministering to someone, and helping them get the heart healing and deliverance they need, but we are not counselors, we are not connected to any type of safe haven refuge for people who are being abused. Nor do we have any information on any place that you can go for help. This is why, if its a severely abusive situation, we recommend that you pray and ask the Lord to lead you to someone who can really help you in that regard.

We also want to make sure you understand that I'm only one person, and we just do not have anything set up where we can be a daily or even weekly advisors or counselors. We can answer basic questions in regard to the ministry we've done with you, but anything that is really involved, or personal to your life situation,  if it's something we are not able to answer, you'll need to seek the Lord, and then maybe find a ministry that might specialize more in your type of situation. It just so happens that we do have a Ministry that we can recommend that specializes in mind control and multiple personality disorder type of abuse. So if you were in that type of situation and you need a much more Hands-On counseling along with the ministry, please let us know and I can pass you their information and websites so you can connect with them.

So in regards to the need of more follow up ministry, in any of the cases, we will always need to make an appointment with myself and one of the other girls in the ministry who stand is my Ministry partners. Please remember that we all have our own lives and responsibilities as well, so we have to try to schedule around our own schedules. One of the girls is only available a few days a week in the morning, and the other is only available a few evenings a week. So scheduling it's fairly tough and we really ask for your patience and know that we're doing everything we can to schedule you as quickly and efficiently as possible please understand we each, personally, have all been there, and we've been in many, many situations, in our own hearts. where everything was beginning to come to the surface and it felt like constant attacks, and we know what that's like to have to wait to get ministry. So believe me we completely feel for you and we will do our absolute best to get you on the schedule as quickly as we can.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this information,  if you have any questions, please...always feel free to pop me over an email at,  and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In Jesus,
Grafted In - Team Jesus


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"A Matter of The Heart"...with brother Dan (part 1)

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Amazing Revelatory Teaching On "The Courts...........................
Of Heaven & Heart Healing & Deliverance"!!!

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Kathy's Testimony About How She Received The Gifts Of
Heart Healing & Deliverance! To God Be The Glory! :)

If you have any questions or you'd like to contact us, as I said above, please email us at - Thank you!! 

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