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The Lord just brought to my attention that we did the above video on 7/17!! Many know THAT IS A HUGE number in strongs concordance!! I almost just fell off my chair!! It means TO GATHER/TO PLUCK!! Which is What OUR RESCUE means!! Jesus is TOTALL CONFIRMING that WE ARE GOIN HOME!! Hallelujah!!

One more note! Early last week, Jesus had confirmed to us that Thursday, 7/13/23 would be a “BIG DAY”, and it would be THAT MORNING - on 7/13/23 -  that He gave us the above word that “YOU’RE COMING HOME, AND MY POWER WILL BE LOOSED!!” COME ON JESUS!!

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Hi Everybody!! Many of you may know, many may not, but 4 years ago,
The Lord gave me 3 open visions that changed our whole understanding
of what it soon to come!! For 19 years we were staunch "post tribulation
rapture"! Stood by it, and taught it! But once The Lord gave me these
3 open visions in early 2019, He changed everything! Please take a
moment and click on this link to read about my open visions that taught us
about this beautiful biblical revelation from The Lord..."Transfiguration"!!

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We are at the last moments of “time” as the world has known it. The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ, His Return as King of kings and Lord of lords is IMMINENT! The 21 years of Jacob's trouble has been completed. This was a time of The Lord testing and refining His church, and through which He determined each person’s place in His Final Plan. It was revealed to us that Jacob’s Trouble had it’s kickoff with the events of 9/11/2001. As I explain more, “Jacob’s Trouble” will make much more sense! The Father has SUCH an amazing Plan!! HALLELUJAH!! And it’s all right there in His Word! Amen!

This will be as brief as possible, I would like to just give you a quick general overview of the basic timeline that has already commenced. In recent days, the Lord has been revealing more than ever. If you would like to get some more of that new revelatory information, please sending us an e-mail at, and we can send you some links to some videos that we've been Doing that is sharing some of these amazing revelations. The enemy through “mainstream church land” Has taught so much misinformation, misinterpretations, and flat out false teaching with error, it’s not even fathomable. “Main stream churchland” simply means – so-called “Christian” churches out there that go by man's understanding, and man's traditions, instead of having the balance of the Written Word, the Rhema Word, and the body of Christ. So get ready for some, most likely, very new and exciting understandings, directly through the above mentioned balance, that will knock your socks off, and get you SO excited for what is to come! HALLELUJAH!!

In trying to keep this brief, I will get right to it. The Lord is absolutely going to rescue His church, but it will not be all at once, as many have been taught. There will be 3 different groups, and three stages of this “rescue/rapture” sequence. Before I start, please understand, there is no need for envy or thinking any one group is "better" than the other. It is ALL based on what God knows in their heart, and what their own personal calling is in His Final Plan. 


Many may be confused as to why there are two groups of 144,000, together, being the "Firsfruits 288,000". (Referred to in Revelation chapter 12) They are the first “mature” fruits of the entire church.  This means, throughout their lives, and throughout the years of “Jacob's Trouble”, through all the trials and tribulations through their lifetime, and no matter what came their way, they still chose to stand in love and obedience to their Lord and savior Jesus Christ. These experiences taught them God's Wisdom and Knowledge, and brought them to a full maturity in Jesus. There are two places in revelation that 144,000 are mentioned, and that is in Chapter 7 and chapter 14. Chapter seven is referring to the second group, and chapter 14 is referring to the first group. And of course, adding the two groups together to make 288,000, and this is confirmed by the fact that David's army was 288,000 (1 Chronicles'll need to do a little math), as well as his choir that had 288 people (1 Chronicles 25:7). Now this part may come as a surprise to many of you, but the two groups of 144,000 are actually members of the "Corporate" Two Witnesses of revelation Chapter 11. Both groups are made-up of God's children, both male and female, Jews or Gentiles, because we are all grafted together into the vine of Jesus Christ. (Romans chapter 11) - (I don't have time to explain more detail on the Two Witnesses aspect here, however we do have videos and information on that, so just send us an email and I will send you some links and information)


The first group of Firstfruits, the 288,000 are "the Elijah’s". They will represent Jesus being "Fully God" in His glory. As it tells us in Revelation chapter 14, they've followed the Lamb wherever He goes, and they've never allowed themselves to follow or get mixed

up with mystery Babylon the great, the mother of all harlots. They will be the first to receive their Perfect Bodies, and then, after their moment with The Lord for any needed

repentance, skipping death, they will step outside of time to be transfigured and receive

their glorified bodies (the first wave of glorification). They will then be trained and

sent back here, "visiting" time as we know it now, to help the rest of the church prepare

for the Second coming of Jesus Christ. They will bring the Elijah anointing and mantel.

While back here in their glorified bodies, nothing at all here will affect or harm them

in any way because they will be in...sort of..."bubbles" that are

“outside” of time, within time..."visiting" time.


Simultaneously to the the first group being transfigured into their glorified bodies, the second group of the Firstfruits 288,000, after their own moment with The Lord for any needed repentance, will step into their "transformation", into their "Perfect Bodies". This group will represent Jesus being "Fully Man", and they will be the "Elisha's". Although they will be in their "Perfect Bodies", they are still "physically" here. Through the transformation they receive, The Lord will endow to them supernatural powers of God to have everything they need to function in the Harvest, and absolutely nothing will be able to harm them...they will be completely protected. The second group will not received their glorified bodies right away, theirs will come when they finish their Harvest work, towards the end of the

Tribulation, when the second wave of glorification, Revelation 11:11-12, occurs.

The first group of The Firstfruits 288,000, the “Elijah’s”, will only be here for a short time (it has not been revealed to us the length of time). They have a very specific purpose, and they will have very specific assignments while they are here. they will be helping to prepare and train the second group of The Fruitsfruits for their purposes in the Harvest.  As well, the entire Firstfruits, 288,000, will be preparing the multitude for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Much of this preparation will be in teaching and ministering heart healing and deliverance. When the first group of the Firstfruits has completed their assignments, they will be taken

back outside of time with Jesus, and will be with Him at His Return on the clouds. And, Just as happened in 1 Kings 19, The second group of the Firstfruits, the Elisha’s will then 'pick up the mantle of Elijah', and carry on to complete the work of the Two Witnesses. Their "final rescue and glorification",  comes when the Lord takes up the Two Witnesses into glory, soon before the Final Rapture. (email us for further questions on the Two Witnesses

understanding in this plan)

So as I'm sure you have figured out from the above explanation, the third and final group, or "wave", of those that will be rescued, is the "Multitude too large to number", from Revelation Chapter 7. This is the group that will be taken up in the final Rapture when Jesus comes on the clouds. This is the entire remainder of the body of Christ who took a little more time to get themselves right with God, and allow God to creating them a clean heart. they did not always walk in obedience, and they chose not to believe that He was coming right away. They wavered in their faith, and they allowed the world to distract them. This group must be refined as silver is refined, and sanctified. Many do not understand that when Jesus died for us on the cross, He sanctified us by His Blood...unto “salvation”. That is not the sanctification that we refer to. As it tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Paul prays that our whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. What that is saying is, no one can skip death to the body, and go straight outside of time with Jesus unless they are completely pure and sanctified by Him. This sanctification process must happen either through a person's lifetime, or through the Great Tribulation judgments. So if the person did not allow God to sanctify them through their lifetime, in order to skip physical death and go outside of time with Him when He comes, they must get refined and sanctified through the Tribulation judgment hours. The process includes allowing God to create in us a clean heart, crucifying the flesh, allowing God to circumcise our hearts through heart healing and deliverance. Yes, every single person on this planet needs heart healing and deliverance. However the only ones who qualify to receive this full sanctification are those who: have not taken the mark of the beast (the first shot of the CV vax), have not worshiped the beast or his image, have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and have not sinned unto death. (Revelation 14:9-11, Matthew 12:32, and Hebrews 6:4-6) If you are not in any of the above mentioned exception list, there is very little time. Make sure that your heart is right with Jesus Christ, pray and ask Him to create in you a clean heart and to circumcise your heart. Ask Him to help you get any heart healing and deliverance you need. You can do this between you and He, but it's a little harder. If you can, seek out a ministry that knows heart healing and deliverance. We do minister this to God’s true children, send us an e-mail if the Lord leads you,

and we can schedule a time.

There is so much more to this picture, but this gives you at least a brief overview of what's about to happen. This world is about to see Judgments on this earth that have never been seen even since creation. Prepare your hearts everyone, we are most definitely here. Amen and amen!! --- Kathy :)  (This was updated July 2023)

The Lord led us to this message totally randomly...yet "not" another sister in The Lord in a different message she had gotten, and it absolutely confirms EVERY SINGLE THING The Lord has ever taught us and led us to teach you about Transfiguration Of The Bride - with ALL Scriptural backup! Glory to God!!

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(This has nothing to do with "sanctification unto salvation". That is ONLY by your faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross.)

Now – of course this ONLY applies to an UNMARKED, true saved believer that belongs to Jesus Christ and is preparing to skip death and go straight outside of time to be with Jesus when he comes (UNMARKED = they did NOT take the first shot of the CV vax/mark of the beast, or worship the beast and his image.

As stated above, this is completely different and separate from salvation. If it “human being” (as opposed to a non-human marked/CV vaxxed A.I. hybrid), makes a real true decision, from their heart, to receive Jesus Christ, They believe Jesus died on the cross and shed His Blood for them, and they choose to live their life for Him, the Blood of Jesus covers and sanctifies them “unto salvation” And of course  they must walk it out, bear good fruit, and stay in true repentance of sin on a regular basis.

Here on this page, we are NOT referring to “salvation”…that is an understood requirement to even qualify to be IN one of the Three Waves of Glorification. When we are talking about glorification, we are talking about skipping physical death, and going directly outside of time, spirit, soul, and body, to be with Jesus. No one can do that unless they are spotless and blameless, which means completely sanctified and ready to go outside of time with Him. (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24)


How do we get sanctified? By seeking God, asking him to create in us a clean heart, asking him to circumcise our hearts, asking him to help us to crucify the flesh, die to ourselves, die to our own will, and live only for his will. “Come out of her” (the world/the enemy’s lies)…come out of Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of all Harlots so that you don't take part in her plagues. (Revelation 18:4)

How do we come out of her? Coming out of mystery Babylon the great doesn't mean that you don't function as a person until Jesus comes. Of course you have to live your life where you can take care of your family, you have your home, if you have a job and responsibilities...of course We must still function in that regard. But because of how close we are now to Jesus’ Second Coming, there is no need to participate in anything of the world. There's no need for going out on Friday night to a nightclub, or going to every new movie that comes out, or going to worldly events, like concerts, or places where sin may abound. Walking away from the world's means walking away from sin in every possible way that you’re able. As a true follower of Jesus Christ, of course we always avoid sin. But we are in unprecedented moments in history, and of all the times for us to make sure our hearts our right with Jesus, this is the time!! For more information and sanctification go to our “Intro To Heart Healing  Deliverance page” here on the web site, and it goes into much more detail on why we ALL need heart healing and deliverance. You need to understand that heart healing and deliverance is the One of the most crucial parts of the sanctification process. This is how you allow Jesus to reach down in your heart and pull up the sinful roots, that hold you back from everything Jesus created you to be…so that Jesus can heal those fragments of your broken heart and set you free from the bondage of the enemy!

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