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Kathy's Dream: The Lord's embrace, praying His blessings over me and I knew we were one! SO AMAZING!!! Some Encouragement for all of us!!!

Kathy's Dream


Very interesting dream. I don't remember most of it, but I was with various people again doing some things. There were 3 people who were visiting (we were all in our 20s) - spiritually it was 'now' - but like I was saying I believe I was in, maybe, my late 20s in the dream. The 3 people who were visiting were the main thing I remembered and it was only towards the end of the dream. We were finishing our visit and these 3 people, 2 guys and a girl, were getting ready to head out so I walked them to their "van". One of them was tall and thin, light brown/dark blonde hair, clean cut. I understood in the dream that the girl, who had blonde hair, was his girlfriend or wife, and the third one was a guy, I don't remember anything about him other than he had black hair, again, clean cut regular guy's hair cut, and all just normal clothes. When I walked them to the van, the tall guy and girl slipped into the van, and the other guy was gonna drive. But I walked around to the side where the other two were getting in and said in my silly & sweet young 20's way, "Hey, you guys think you're gonna leave without giving me a hug, like excuse me!??"...with a smile. So the tall guy gets out first - and I remember all this very clearly. Everything else around us began to fade away. Now, because he was pretty tall - I reached my arms out to hug him around the chest, so he could hug my shoulders - but when he put his arms out, he showed me he wanted to do the cross the shoulders under the arms type hug, which I was totally fine with, but I remember wondering, "Hmm, I guess he's more comfortable hugging that way?" And once we hugged - WOW!!!! It was like POWER!!! And he began to pray a beautiful and POWERFUL prayer over me!! I could SERIOUSLY feel the power of God in this prayer!! Not only that, but, the only way I can describe it is that we just started dancing in a circle. I mean more like turning, and turning together like one person! NOT in a "physical" way - but like in the spirit. But the strange part was...his voice changed to the voice of and old friend of mine from when I was in my 20s. This friend had a very very distinct voice. Nowadays, this friend is not in a good place, but back in my 20s, this friend was the first one I met in a group of friends who was part of the start of my growth in my walk with God as an adult. And this friend's voice, at that time, represented such a HUGE part of the start of my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ as a young adult.

So, I woke up, yet again with that feeling like I was floating, yet, like I was laying in the most perfectly comfortable, cushy place I've ever been!! It was such a beautiful peaceful way to wake up!! So I definitely KNOW this was a God dream!! Praise The Lord!!



The Lord fully confirmed through Susan that, unbeknownst to me in the dream, the tall friend WAS Jesus, Himself!! He had taken the form of this young man, who represented Him and His love from the early days of my walk with Him. And, as we turned together, He was filling me with His Perfect Love, His Encouragement, and just blessing me and my life!! I was beyond beautiful!! Glory to God!!!

While telling her the dream, Allyson got these scriptures from Jesus right away! They are out of an apocrypha book called 2 Esdras.....

2 Esdras 2

(SIDE NOTE: The Lord confirmed that the above scriptures are all talking about the Firstfruits 288,000!! Praise Jesus!!)

Allyson also said:

"When I heard about how they wrapped their arms around shoulder to waist it would make an X which is one of the ancient Hebrew letter symbols for TAV along with the a Cross symbol...22nd letter and the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet... the ALEPH TAV is a picture of YAH on the CROSS...there are 2 ALEPH TAV's in the blessing prayer that Kathy is also going to post. Also, spinning or turning reminded me of Fibonacci...turning and becoming one with JESUS... Another Hebrew letter I was reminded of is the 9th letter Tet...the ancient symbol is a circle with an X in the middle...I was just studying this letter again recently...some talk about it being symbolic of a clay pot...JESUS is the potter and we are the clay...He molds us into His image...this is what I can see symbolically happening. 9 is also symbolic of the Fruits of the Spirit that are listed...there's more but you get the idea I'm sure...PRAISE JESUS 🙌🙌🙌🙌 It's allllll so beautiful, and I want to also add that today I woke up with a song in my thoughts and felt more connected to JESUS and more in LOVE with Him this I can see how He's coming to us all differently at different times and the Holy Spirit drawing us all closer and closer. Hallelujah!!!"

Every time you see H853 that represents "Aleph Tav"

On left: Modern day Hebrew On right: Ancient Hebrew

KATHY: This was the closest comparison to the prayer that He prayed over me while we embraced and turned!!! 🥰❤️‍🔥👑 It was very reminiscent of this prayer 🙏❤️‍🔥

      Fibonacci Spiral ❤️‍🔥 They say its in the basis of all of creation. 👑❤️‍🔥

ALLYSON: Yes, and think of how a clay pot is made…it is turned in a circle and spun and molded into the form the potter wants it to have

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