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"The Dark Messenger" - Joeanna H

Updated: Feb 18, 2023


Joeana H

September 19th 2022

Hello fellow Believers in Jesus Christ my name is Joeana H, I'm a security guard, and I work the midnight shift midnight to 8:00 am. I was getting ready for work like any other day. However, about an hour or two before I left for work, the car alarm of my friend's non-functioning car, that is parked in my lot, went off for no reason...I just shrugged it off . Well I did think about it in the back of my mind, but I went ahead and got ready for work.


TEAM REVELATION: The car alarm was a warning to get her attention that something very important was about to happen


I get to work at midnight and everything is all right. I'm doing my first round, which is a perimeter check where I drive around the outside of the building. As I'm pulling back into the parking lot I see a falling star. It is green and so I was very happy to see it and wanted to check it out on the video cameras. I parked my vehicle and went to my desk which is by the front door of the building. I found it on one of the cameras and I noted that the time that this shooting star that was green that fell from the sky was 12:50 and 4 seconds



Green shooting/falling star: Jennifer and Kathy both got the confirmation that it represents this man - or what this "man" represents - coming through from another dimension to this one. And Jennifer got "The Green Horse" of the Apocalypse....because....Allyson got the scripture:

Rev 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8 And I looked, and behold a pale green horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.


The night was uneventful up until dawn. I was doing my last round where I check all of the emergency doors in the building to make sure that they're properly secured. As I'm ending the tour and going back to my desk by the front door, there are two lady employees there.


TEAM REVELATIONS: "TWO LADIES REPRESENT 2 Corinthians 13:1 ""In the mouth of two or three witnesses every matter will be established."


They are trying to get my attention. They were saying that there was a man outside that doesn't belong there. They go on to say that this man is saying he has a meeting, however when he mentioned the two names that he supposedly has this appointment with, the ladies tell him there is no one that works there by those names. One of the ladies asked him 'well what time is your meeting' and he said "3 months ago". So she said, "well I guess you're late", she closed the door on him, and did not let him enter the building.

He was still just loitering in front of the building outside, and they wanted me to tell him to leave the premises. So I go outside and I approach him, and he says that 'he is there to do a project'. He said 'he is there to create a program...a digital Universe...of which he is the god'. Then he said, 'that the sky is going to soon crack open and other dimensions will come through'. He mentions something about frequencies, etc, I then explained to him 'yes, and that 5G is a weapon and that if you don't believe in God, you will be sent a strong delusion'. As we're talking, I hear a bunch of crows crowing which is unusual where I work. There's always birds chirping during dawn but never crows crowing.


TEAM REVELATIONS: Of course we see the obvious reference to something like "the Metaverse" - but we definitely had the confirmation that the crows are a harbinger of death (confirming the Green Horse)


He said he "knew about the Father', and then he said that 'the name of his son is death'. He then asked me 'if I believed in vampires', and I said 'yes'....then I said "but what do you categorize as a vampire? Does that mean that they drink blood?' He answered 'not necessarily all vampires drink blood' . I proceeded to tell him that 'Jesus Christ said, if you've seen Him you've seen the Father; and that Jesus Christ is God In the Flesh...The Father in the flesh'. I explained that 'only Jesus Christ is the true God and that there is only one Way to heaven'. I said to him, 'you (thinking he is a regular man) are on this earth for one reason, and one reason alone, to decide your destiny after death...whether you will be going to heaven or hell'. Then I said, 'the only way to go to heaven is to believe in Jesus Christ'.


TEAM THOUGHTS: The team believes the "vampires" represent, of course, the enemy, and the first thing 2 of the team members thought of was "zombies" - it COULD even be referring to the "marked" who ARE the "walking dead".


Then I noticed that the two ladies who told me the man was outside had come outside as well, so I switched the conversation, and told him that 'he would have to leave the premises'. Advised he 'could go across the street to the park'. He said 'he couldn't leave because his boss dropped him off, and so she wouldn't be able to find him'. I advised him that 'he could text her via his phone and let her know that he is across the street in the park, but that he could not wait for his boss on the property and if he did not leave I would have to call the cops'. He wanted to shake my hand and I wouldn't let him, so he left. He went across the street and was hanging out at the park.

I go back into the building and I waited about 20 minutes. I decided to go across the street to the park to check in and talk to him a little more. I approached him and I said 'is your boss going to come pick you up' and he said 'he wasn't sure'. I said 'well let me warn you that this is your one warning that if you set foot back on the property it will be considered trespassing. I would have to call the cops so if you could just please stay off the property, and we both could just avoid any further problems'. He proceeded to ask me 'if my name was Celeste' and I said 'no my name is not Celeste'. He replied 'well I've been waiting to meet you for a long time'. I thought this was freaky.


TEAM REVELATIONS: Celeste is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly”. From religious interpretations to visions that are out-of-this-world, this dazzling title is sure to see your little one shine like the stars. The angelic name can inspire baby Celeste to shoot for the moon as she floats through life, with not even the weight of gravity able to hold her dreams down.


Then he pointed out my hair, and asked if it was natural. He must have noticed that my hair is colored red, and then orange, and then yellow like fire. I don't know why I do my hair this way I just think it looks nice. I answered him 'no my hair is not natural'. He then said 'he was just looking for truth', and I said 'well Jesus Christ is the only truth'.

Then I left the park and I went back to the building. I went back into my little office area right next to the front door, with the computer and monitors, to be able to monitor all the different cameras, and to guard the door. I have to make sure only people that are supposed to be there get through those front doors .


TEAM REVELATIONS: Kathy suddenly realized that Joeana (meaning God is gracious) is a WATCHMAN, and she GUARDS THE DOOR!! And she MAKES SURE ONLY PEOPLE THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE GET THROUGH!! So we believe this symbolizing that she was "chosen" to be a "checkpoint" in the spirit for this man, representing the "pale green horseman"


I'm back at my post and no more than, maybe, 5 minutes pass, and all the alarms start going off in the whole building, they were really loud, so I called maintenance to see if it's okay to silence them, and they said 'yes'. I went to go silence the alarms and it did silence, but within a minute they start going off again. I go to silence them again, punching in the code several times, but the code would not silence any of the alarms in the building. All the alarms were going off and it was really crazy. The maintenance people were running around trying to figure out where they were being set off at, and what different codes may have set them off so they know what to do to try to silence the alarms.

Then while all this is going on the Firemen came with their fire truck and I had to tell them it was a false alarm, and that there's really no fire. I explained that there's an issue with the alarm systems.


TEAM REVELATION: "False Alarm" -- (a VERY BIG) "False Flag"!! AND - Jeannie on the team had a dream about a firetruck that SAME NIGHT!! WOW!! As well..Luke had a dream about driving a van!! So confirmation all over the place!! Amen!!


While this is a going on my boss came in for the next shift. so I was relieved from my duty and my post. I explained to him that there is a man at the park that is not talking much sense. He is telling us that he's a god, and I've already warned him that if he sets foot on the property we would call the cops right away.

I went and left to go to my vehicle to drive home. As I'm pulling out of the parking lot, the alarms are still going off in the building. I drive onto the main road with the park on my right hand side. I see the man from earlier, he was wearing a 'red shirt', he was 'not very tall', he had 'brown hair', 'brown eyes' and he didn't say anything. I saw him walking along the Park's Pond, which is real close to the road, and as I'm passing him in my van, we look at each other eye to eye, and he lifts up his left hand, and in his left hand were little snakes, at least three of them. I could see the snakes in his hand, and he just smiled at me real big. Also standing in the pond was a crane or a heron bird. I just figured this is very profound.


TEAM REVELATIONS: The heron bird is another harbinger, it is an unclean bird.



I wanted to say that I did look up what 919 means in strong concordance, since today is September 19th, and it appears once in the New Testament and it's "Barjesus", which is "Simon the magician and false prophet in the book of Acts!


TEAM REVELATIONS: Jeannie spoke up and said just yesterday she was reading the Word of God about Barjesus/Simon! So another confirmation!!



Allyson posted it was 105 degrees where she lives, and Kathy immediately looked up 105 in strong's concordance and it means "EAGLE"!! It references only 5 scriptures! They are all related to the 2 groups of 144,000! I will list the scriptures:




Matthew 24:28

Luke 17:37

Revelation 4:7

Revelation 8:13

Revelation 12:14

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