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"Separation, Distinction and Portion" - Christine Beadsworth

Christine Beadsworth

Released 9/4/22

The tip of spear is part of the whole spearhead, so although it passes through

an area as a forerunner, the rest of the spear passing through that same area

impacts the tip. If there is turbulence as the main part of spear head passes

thru, the tip will feel it. In the same way, although some of us have celebrated

the beginning of the Fall Feasts, the rest of the spearhead following the

orthodox calendar will be marking them towards the end of September, and

we are still connected to them as part of the faithful remnant. I believe the

Spirit of the Lord needed a forerunner company who were willing to step out

in faith according to what they believed and move ahead of the rest of the

remnant, even if it meant they were out of sync with the majority of the

spearhead throughout the last 6 months of 5782.

God needs courageous forerunners who will be willing to be unpopular, while

being obedient to what the Spirit is showing them personally. The two spies

who went into the Promised Land ahead of the rest waiting on the other side

of the Jordan were exposed to more revelation and information that the rest

of the people of God did not see or hear – and they were doing it on behalf of

the whole company. In the same way, the tip of the spear pierces through veils

and boundaries, cutting a path and opening the way for the rest of the

spearhead to follow in.

Do you remember the Lord speaking to me some time during 5781 about the

door to the Bridal Chamber closing. At the time, I knew the Lord was

connecting this event to the parable of the wise and foolish virgins; the wise

and foolish ‘Bethulah’ in Matthew 25. However, because of the Lord taking a

group as the ‘tip of the spear’ and marking the Feast of Trumpets a month

earlier than the orthodox Jewish Calendar, I have had questions as to how this

closing of the door applied and when it would take place.

Firstly, I want to suggest to you that this is what this early Feast of Trumpets

celebration has been about. The tip of the spear is sharp and penetrates the

target before the rest of the spear head – and even then, not the whole

spearhead penetrates the target but only a portion is hidden. Up to half of the

whole spear head remains clearly visible and exposed and shakes along with

the shaft of the spear. Early celebration of the Feast of Trumpets means early

preparation of the heart; getting our inner hearts rightly aligned to His

plumbline of holiness and receiving of endtime mandates ahead of the

company following on behind. It provides distinction and orientation;

movement out of a larger company into a smaller company with a specific

calling. There is a smaller company who needed to go ahead of the bulk of the

remnant, in order to be assigned to their specific roles and endtime mandates

BEFORE the larger company came to their Fall Feast appointment.

Now, we need to refresh our memories concerning the types and shadows in

the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony. Once betrothal had taken place the