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Part 3 - Separation Of The Barley & Chaff, The Last Of Self Will And "The Lamp Of The Body"

Hi Everyone!

For about a week or so, The Lord has been expounding on the last 2 "Chaff" we'll call this "Part 3".

The Lord has been opening up some more understanding that both the wheat and the barley are being separated from the chaff. The only reason everyone focuses on the "wheat" being separated from the chaff is, of course, because the main scripture in the word of God, Matthew 3:12, talks about the separation of the wheat and the chaff. We discussed in the other 2 videos on the "chaff", that the chaff on the barley actually comes off "easier" than the chaff on the wheat. Now hearing that, you may think that the barley doesn't need to go through the same process that the wheat does, however, that's just not the case.

In case your new to our web site and our videos, "the wheat harvest" represents the great multitude that will be getting their refining through the tribulation hours. And "the barley harvest" represents the Firstfruits 288,000, because barley is the first fruits harvest in Israel.

Now, the ease of the chaff coming off the barley simply represents of how the Firstfruits have a very solid, strong, and obedient relationship with Jesus Christ. They also allowed the Lord to put them through their own refining process, their own sanctification process, throughout their lifetime. They allowed The Lord to create in them a clean heart, they allowed him to circumcise their heart. They always strived to stay faithful to Jesus Christ through all of the moments in their life, even when they were going in the wrong direction. The Firstfruits were chosen because even though they’d made a mistake, The Lord brought it to their attention, they heard His conviction and guidance, they listened, repented, got right with Him, and got right back on the path of His Perfect Will. The Firstfruits are the faithful. They are the Philadelphia Church of Revelation chapter 3.

Now what we all need to remember is that just because they are the Firstfruits, the faithful of God, does not mean that they are "infallible". It does not mean that they don't sin or they'll never hear a wrong voice. In Revelation chapter 14, when it says in verse 5, “and in their mouths was found no deceit, for they are without fault before the throne of God” - That simply means that they live and function in their lives in constant repentance. They don't want any sin to stay unrepented for more than a moment! The minute they realized they made a mistake, the minute the Holy Spirit convicts their heart, they repent! THIS Is why there was found in their mouth no deceit. Because they understand what the Lord did by shedding His Blood on that cross, and they walk it out daily. They not only repent immediately, but they will do everything they can to make sure that they are in the will of God in everything they do. They don't want to get off on the wrong path, they don't want to take a wrong step, they don't want to make a wrong decision. They don't want to miss the opportunity to answer His call…they don't want to miss God! This is what Revelation 14:5 means.

I'm also being led to remind everyone that scripture tells us in Romans 3:23 "for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Let me give you an example of a Firstfruit, or any true believer for that matter, hearing the wrong voice. Anyone who does not believe the CV vax is the mark of the beast is living in deception...flat out, no question, 100% truth...Firstfruits or not. Now, choosing not to believe its the mark, may not prevent you from being a Firstfruit, but just remember that we are all going to have our moment with the Lord, face to face, just before transfiguration and transformation, He will sit down with us and He will lovingly correct us, and will give us that moment to repent. Personally, I want to make sure I address as much as I possibly can with Jesus that I may need to correct or change "before" my moment with Him.

Now of course, during our “moment with the Lord”, the same will be the case, with any sin or false understanding or false teaching that any of the Firstfruits may have picked up along the way. The Lord will let them know the things that they learned wrong, or any sin, and at that moment, each Firstfruit will be given that chance to repent. And, let’s always remember, only God knows the heart. We cannot judge anyone’s heart, only Jesus knows, so, of course we have to leave all of that to the Lord.

The Lord just wants everyone - all the Firstfruits - as well of course, as ALL true believers, to really begin to examine their hearts before The Lord and seek His Face, ask Him if there is anything we need correction on even now, so that we can repent before He calls. We are in the last moments, and we want to take advantage of every second we have to make sure our hearts are ready.

Ok, so we all need to understand that first, before I continue sharing what the Lord is revealing. So we were really excited to get some new and deeper understandings in relation to the separation of the barley from the chaff! In the last couple of messages on the chaff, we discussed how the Lord is revealing that in this time of waiting, as we wait for that moment that Jesus calls, the Lord is using this time for finishing touches on His Firstfruits. He is really really digging deep in our hearts, and helping us to rid ourselves completely of all self will, so that we are only living in God's will, and none of our own. This process is harder for some than others. Depending how the person grew up, if there may have been abuses or they carry trauma from trials they’ve been through that caused them to carry bitterness and resentment…that could have led to a lot of anger, stubbornness or rebellion. These three emotions are very much tied to self and self will. The enemy uses these emotions to try to keep a child of God in the bondage of their own understanding and their own will.

If you've followed us for a while, you’ll know that we have talked multiple times about the pineal gland. Before I start, what The Lord has taught us has absolutely nothing to do with "new age" or anything of the enemy. Just know that the enemy takes everything of God and perverts it for his own purposes. Anytime you hear the pineal gland referred to in a "new agey" way and people who are out to try to decalcify it or using it to get some kind of demonic energy or whatever...Those are lies from the pit of hell. Number one, no one can "decalcify" the pineal gland but God himself, and, anyone who teaches or searches out the pineal gland for new age or dark, evil purposes are of the enemy.

Now, that said, several years ago, The Lord revealed to us that, in the spirit, the pineal gland is "the lamp of the body (Matthew 6:22-23), as well as our own Holy of Holies in our temple where Jesus and The Holy Spirit reside. As scripture tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that “our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit who is in us.” As well, the word even mentions "pineal" in Genesis 32:30, when Jacob wrestled with the Lord and he was renamed Israel. Jacob named the place where it happened “Peniel” mystery...a reference to the "pineal gland". (There is so much more to this, email us if you'd like me to send you links to our past videos explaining more.)

Now, you see, the calcification that is over everyone's pineal gland, has nothing to do with anything they ate, it has nothing to do with anything in the air, nor chemicals of any kind. The calcification was part of the punishment from Adam and Eve's original fall in the Garden. Originally, Adam and Eve were able to have complete open conversation with the Father, completely uninhibited. But because they were deceived, disobeyed and fell, they were not allowed to communicate with The Father like they did before. So it was The Father who partially calcified the pineal gland. This was to prevent the type of communication that Adam and Eve had. He made it so that man would have to seek Him to find Him. They would have to seek His face to hear His voice. And because it was The Father who actually put the calcification there, only the Father is able to remove it. And so exciting...once we had that understanding, He then gave us the revelation that the calcification itself actually represents the veil over each of our temples! PRAISE JESUS!!

So what the Lord revealed to us over the last week or so is so amazing! I actually had a vision that I shared on one of the other 2 "chaff" videos, where I saw Jesus standing on the other side of the door knocking and waiting for Firstfruits to answer. When I saw that vision, there was something in front of me but I couldn't really describe it. It was like something between myself and Him. He was very clear to me, so whatever it was, it was so thin that it was almost transparent...but I could still tell that there was something there. The revelation that Allyson got was that I was seeing what's left of my own layer of calcification that is around my pineal gland! I mean WOAH!! AMAZING!! That means it's just about GONE! Glory to God! And that is yet another sign, yet another confirmation of how close we are to going with Jesus!

In relation to this, The Lord also revealed, for the Firstfruits specifically, that the time we are in now...and I am referring to the time frame from August till now...The Lord is using this time for the purpose of finishing up the process of the removal of all self will. And The Lord revealed even more, this very last, practically transparent, layer of calcification actually represents the last of that self will...the last of "self". So we must literally surrender everything to Jesus so that He can complete our sanctification during our moment with Him. Now because all of us are different, there may be different thicknesses left of that calcification layer. It may be slightly thicker for someone who is still carrying a lot of rebellion, bitterness, resentment, and anger that is keeping them from surrendering themselves and there will to Jesus. But The Lord is dealing with each one of us right now, exactly how He knows it will help us to release it all.

The Lord wanted us to share this with you because right now, each one of us in Firstfruits needs to seek Him with everything we are. There is no time left to think about this, there's no more time to put it off because your schedule is too busy, we need to take care of this right now. He's about to call us my brothers and sisters, are you all preparing your hearts to go with Him? Or are there too many things around you in your life that are stealing your focus?

As excited as we are to see Him, and to get started in the Harvest, first and foremost we need to make sure that our hearts are as prepared as the Lord wants them to be. That takes time and dedication, and especially commitment to him and his purpose is for your life. First fruits are you ready? I mean are you really, really ready?

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