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Sister Kelly


Brothers and sisters, I was led to share this message with you. It is important that we take heed. This is an important message that I received this morning, and a dream that relates to it. This is very important.

**Message (in the dream):

"The midnight cry is here my love. The time has come. My elect, My jewels, will be translated to another dimension. You saw the woman, she is ready to give birth..."

**Pausing to share dream:

(the following vision was 'in' my dream, and is what the message above is referring to about the women ready to give birth)

Brothers and sisters, I saw a vision in the dream. I saw a woman very pregnant...very very pregnant. She looked like a woman that was soon to give birth. You could see that she was at her maximum state...her body could not stretch any further. Her pregnancy already extended to its maximum. That's how I saw her...I saw her at "full term" pregnancy. I saw her right in front of me, and I don't know how to explain it, but I knew who she was. I knew that she was the expression of the woman who was about to give birth to the manchild... the remnant that are soon to be birthed. It was just a couple seconds while watching her, when I received an inner message:

"The remnant, the first fruits, at any moment, they will be birthed...they will be gathered."

After I saw this vision in my dream, of the woman who is ready to give birth, it was as if I was in the state of waking up and somehow I drifted back to sleep, I don't know how to explain it. I saw myself in a white room, I remember sitting in the middle of a white room just sleeping. All the walls in this room...the doors...everything was white. At this point, I saw my little one, my son, he ran towards me, and I noticed he was wearing a white shirt. He kept running towards me to wake me up. It was at that moment that I fully woke up in the dream. I knew had a dream (in the dream), but could not remember it. But I kept saying, I kept expressing...."The Midnight Cry is here, the Midnight Cry is here, the Midnight Cry is here!" I then woke up again in real life.

**Back to the message:

"Yes My beloved, the time is at hand. All will soon change for my elect ones...My chosen few...who have readied themselves, have purged out the world, have made Me one in their lives. These chosen few have gone through much trials and purification, they have been tested and tried by fire, and have been founded worthy of Me to be of this group the first fruits from 'the whole' (body of Christ). Soon my love soon all will change, what you see is for a moment, but your reality will soon change, as nothing is what it seems. I will come for my jewels. I am coming quickly now. Stay very close to Me...stay very close to Me. Don't let distraction cloud you. All will be well with my elect, for soon your circumstances will change. Stay in my Word, stay in Me, for without Me you cannot do anything...only in Me can you do all things."

And that was the end of the message.


Matt 25: 1-12

Matt 7:22-27

1 John 3:4

John 14:15

John 15:1-10

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