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Updated: Oct 22, 2022


Kelly - Dream


Holy, holy, holy be His Name forever, Amen.

I saw from a distance, a group of people. I was outside. I am getting the word “Midnight” was dark “The Midnight” what's being expressed to “The Midnight Hour. “The Midnight Hour is here.”

I was looking at this group, I would say, like, two on the right side, and maybe six on the left side. But they were believers, all of them. I know they were all believers. They like looked as if they just came out of church or something. But they were all together like a park of some kind, that type of a place. They were talking. I can't recall right now what they were expressing in this moment, but they were talking. Like I said, it was very dark...“The Midnight Hour is here” is what was receiving. Suddenly, I see this young lady, she starts to raise her hand, and it's like she is in in a different state, and it was as if she was hearing...a sound...or something. She raises her hand, and her body starts to glow...she just began to glow! This glow lasted a few seconds and then...she left...(sound effect) ”Shooo!” Same thing with some other people that were there, their body began to glow...and “Shooo!!”, they left.

The other group of people that were also believers, they did not leave, they stayed behind...they were left. I see now, one of them is talking, expressing what is happening, kind of like a narrator telling the story. He was telling the story of what was going on, step by step. He explained why the young lady raised her hand.

So, these others stayed behind. I remember that it took them a while to they were in shock mode that they were left. Because their response of action was very slow. I say this because while they're still there processing what just happened, this “narrator” was stressing what just happened, literally like telling the story, but I can't recall what he was saying. I see him moving his lips, but I can't make out what he is saying. I just remember him expressing the details. Suddenly a police car turn on his lights and it starts to make the police car sounds, like they're looking for people...they were looking for something...something was happening. All of a sudden, the “sheep'' (the rest of the group) became scattered. This group of people who looked like they were “tight”, like they were a group of people that you would see were together all the they gather together all the time...but they all just scattered...they all scattered in different directions.

I remember that I felt the body of the person that was glowing. I felt the presence they felt when it happened...then I also felt the presence of those who stayed behind. I remember this person who was left behind was expressing, a sort of “wait for me” type of thing. Because all of a sudden, when they heard the cops, they knew that everything had begun to change. Once they left...once the “Chosen Few” left...everything changed the police started to search...I didn't really understand...but the “sheep” (the believers left) became scattered and they started to run SO fast in different directions. This was another thing I really wasn't like they said “let's stick together, let's figure out what we're going to do.” No...“the sheep” became longer were they a group...they became scattered. They knew that they were left behind, and they knew that the world had changed into a new system, and it had taken over. They ran to hide.

That was the end of the dream.

I woke up once I saw the sheep scattered and running a different direction no longer caring what would happen to the other...they were only for themselves. There's a moment that I'm being led to explain a bit more to you. In the moment that the glowing people left, I just knew some of the others were surprised by a particular person that left. They were surprised that particular person left. All I'm going to say is that they were surprised. There were many things unfolding in that moment but they were surprised. Of all in the group of people that I saw in the park...when the Midnight Hour came...only a few left, but many stayed behind. They were not ready to go...they were not ready. But at the same time you can see in their face brothers and sisters that they too were not fully shocked either. I didn't see them crying, I didn't see them screaming or yelling things like “why”. Its like they “knew” why they were left. That was another thing I noticed, it's like each of them knew exactly why they were left. I knew this because I didn't see them expressing anything when they saw this group of people that left. They didn't express anything wondering why they were left. It's like they knew. And when they heard the police cop passing by, sounding his siren, they became scattered longer a group.

Brothers...sisters...The Midnight Hour is here. The Midnight Hour is here. The Midnight Hour is here! The time is now to repent, for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! We have no more time...the time is now. The opportunity is now to be ready. Repent and turn from your wicked ways. Give your life to Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach. Jesus Christ is The Way, The Life and The Truth. Repent and turn away from your sins, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Hallelujah! Change is coming you see... change is coming. Wake up from your slumber...The Midnight Hour is here.

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