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Hello everybody!


Last night was an AMAZING night! The Lord gave us some new wonderful revelations for our team family! Thank You Jesus!!!

Ok, so a bit of back story....we havn't talked about this with many people, but we had quite a rough end of the year last year. The enemy was working overtime to try to stop the move of God that the Lord had been doing with us last summer. As many of you know, the revelations that were coming through from The Lord were beyond comprehension.

HOWEVER...because The Lord has kept us strong, and we chose to continue in our call in The Lord...come what may….we made it through! So, you all need to know that the last several months of last year were very…very rough, and we had some major trials that the Lord brought us through, and many tears were shed. And of course, these trials included, in December, when our beautiful sister Jeannie was taken to heaven, and that was probably the hardest time that we've had as a team family. But of course we are overcomers! The Lord has called each of us in this team family to be Firstfruits, and we choose to stand in everything He has called us to be. I wanted to share this with you all so that you understand the enormity of the amazing things that the Lord has revealed to us.

Last night, while I was on the phone with Allyson, we were discussing several things, and the Holy Spirit fell on me so strong that I had tears!! He revealed, that because of her faithfulness, especially in the last six months, The Lord has given Allyson a promotion, and she is now a “3 Star Major General” in The Lord’s Army, and an “Official Ambassador” of Jesus Christ!! Glory to God!! And if that's not amazing enough, Susan has come a long way in her growth in the spirit as well, The Lord has revealed to us that she has also received a promotion!! Not only is she a very strong seer prophet…but she is now a “3 Star Lieutenant General” in The Lord’s Army!!! Hallelujah!! And we all could not be more thrilled and excited to see them both standing tall and so excited to step out in their new mantles in The Harvest!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

And that’s not all that The Lord spoke to us last night!! When I was messaging Susan, yet again, The Holy Spirit was speaking to me, and I asked Susan to look to The Lord, and I said, “Lord, everything You’re showing us means we are SUPER, SUPER close, right!??” And – right away - Susan said she heard The Lord say…”YES”!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! And THEN…I said, “Lord Jesus, do You have any special words that we can share with everyone to encourage them and help me to “rally the troops”?? And I heard “BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY, AND MY REWARD IS WITH ME”!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!! And Susan confirmed she heard the same thing!! GLORY TO HIS HOLY & MIGHTY NAME!!!

So guys – you don’t have to look far to see that SO MANY brothers and sister out there on youtube, brighteon, bitchute, rumble – we’re ALL seeing that we are CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN!!! Now, of course, most out there don’t understand Firstfruits and the 3 groups/3 Waves of glorification, but we are ALL about to see The Lord move in HIS FULL GLORY, through His MANIFESTED SONS & DAUGHTERS OF GOD in the GREATEST HARVEST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD to help prepare the great multitude for the SECOND COMING OF OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!! HALLELUJAH!! GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! So GET EXCITED! STAY EXCITED!! AND KEEP LOOKIN UP!! BECAUSE YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS "VERY" NIGH!!!! COME ON JESUS!!!



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