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2/25/24 - "Grafted In The Vine" Chat Forum"!! Come On Over For Fellowship!!

We Are SO EXCITED To Announce that We have renamed one of our forums on our “Grafted In The Vine Forums” page…”CHAT FORUMS”!! We had tried having a live chat for several years, but it was very hard to keep up, and it's slowed down after a while and not many people came in. But now we realize because we are so close, most of us are being separated from the world, and there's not many choices for true fellowship with like minded believers who have not taken the mark of the beast (the 1st shot of the cv vax).

Wanted to make an announcement this way, because I know we have some new members to the website and I'm sure there are more people out there looking for fellowship! So just click on the link below, and it will bring you right to our chat forums page!

Dan and I will be checking it each day to see if there's anyone who has a post that we can chat with! This will work somewhat like social media does, where you make a post, and people will answer you as they visit the site.

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