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“You Are Going To The Mountain. It’s A Different Realm Where My Garden Is.” -- Lidia

illustration by Thomas Cole

When I was in prayer this afternoon (8/7/21) I was asking Jesus what is the course of my actions at this time (I usually ask that all the time to make sure I’m doing what He wants me to do).

I asked, “What am I doing Lord...?”

Before I could say anything else I heard, “..waiting for me!”

I thought to myself, I suuure am waiting! Lately, I’ve been so full of anticipation that I find it hard to do the daily tasks around the house. I kept thinking, how long do we need to wait…? And again Jesus answered me “I am almost there!” (I understood it as if one is walking/running a distance of a certain length and is almost there – at the destination point)

Then he continued, “The world will crumble soon and you will be lifted up to a place of safety, on to your training.”

Since he said the world will crumble, I wondered about that place of it in a different dimension?...or a place here on earth supernaturally protected by God…?

Of course Jesus read my mind and said, “You are going to the mountain. It’s a different realm where my garden is.”

I knew he was talking about the garden of Eden and at the same time I remembered Erin’s dream where everyone was training, specifically on how to handle things of this earth so I was a bit confused. But Jesus continued, “It’s a different dimension that is based on this earth (based- as in the same likeness) and you are going to the training grounds.”

This is so exciting!

Jesus is ALMOST HERE!!!



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