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February 2019

DREAM: I am in my grandmother’s bedroom with my grandmother and sister. (I admired my grandmother. She was a strong country woman who was very self sufficient. I felt safe with her there as a child because the bedroom was strictly her space.) My sister and I were young girls. I was talking to my grandmother when I suddenly started speaking loudly in tongues . My sister grabs me from behind and holds me in a hug. I am still speaking in tongues. In the dream I understand that some words I am speaking are Italian. I scream a blood curdling scream and keep speaking in tongues.

Then I stopped speaking & the scene changed – I now see words written on a stone wall. I start reading the words but I do not read or remember all the words. It started with “I taught you all knowledge and understanding myself but now I am going to shake the world and everything in it”. The people I saw were all dressed as in Biblical times clothing. There were now people and Roman soldiers listening and the soldiers were amused at the writing on the wall. One Roman soldier was standing in front of a stone fortress. Everything started shaking. The fortress wall behind the soldier fell, and a gigantic elephant walked out with huge tusks. It stabbed a soldier thru with a tusk in the back, lifts him up off the ground, and begins to shake its head violently so that the man (who is still alive for the moment) is now bleeding profusely and then his body rips right apart from the shaking, which of course kills him. Then everyone is running away from the elephant trying to hide. A teenage girl runs into a large tent to hide from an elephant. She goes into an inner room within the tent and sits down. A young man comes in and sees her and because The Lord was not angry with either of them, He starts speaking to them gently – but then I wake up.


We as a team have discussed this dream together through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit, and we believe the Lord has given us some of the basic interpretation.

There are several pieces to this interpretation, one part being a representation of the original Temple from the Old Testament. Starting at the beginning, the grandmother’s bedroom represents The Inner Court of the Temple. And the Inner Court of the Tabernacle of Moses is a picture of our growth as we progress from one stage to another. As babies, we are on milk for a time but then the time comes for us to start eating food. So as you can see it starts out with Jennifer and her sister as young girls being taught by their grandmother, who helped them to grow. Then, Jennifer begins to speak in tongues, and her sister grabs her from behind and holds her in a hug. Her sister is representing those who don’t know the Lord who cling to those who do as The Holy Spirit leads them, to help lead them grow closer to God and lead them to Jesus Christ.

And then skipping down for the moment to the part towards the end when the young woman and the young man go into the tent, and into an inner room “within” the tent. This room represents the Holy of Holies. And the Lord showed Kathy that the young man and the young woman represent the First Fruits. So this is a picture of the strong and mature relationship and communication that the First Fruits have with the Father. They have been through the sanctification process and they are ready to go outside of time the moment Jesus calls. When the Lord began to speak to the young man and woman, Jennifer woke up. This was because she did not need to hear that. Each of us has our own relationship with Him and we will each hear His instruction relating to our assignments for this time.

So the next piece of the dream that we will address is the writing that was on the wall. Of course this clearly is reminiscent of the writing on the wall in Daniel chapter 5. And in that chapter, the writing said…MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN, Which means “GOD HAS NUMBERED THE DAYS OF YOUR KINGDOM”.

We then looked up the biblical meaning of an elephant in dreams. We found that it means “GREAT POWER, STRENGTH, NOTHING STOPS THEM, NEVER FORGETS”. We believe this elephant represents an entity that is about to stand up and take much power. Because he is getting ready to take the throne, most likely, this represents the antiChrist, his New World Order, and the Antichrist Beast system itself.

Another amazing puzzle piece that came up as well, Susan on the team had mentioned that a “white elephant” is the symbol of the country Myanmar/Burma, which is where there is a military coup happening as we speak. And when Susan said that, which of course was the same day that Jennifer told us about this dream, Dan (on our team) told us, that day, he had seen a white elephant in the spirit and had no idea what it meant. So amazing to be in one accord with His Spirit! Amen!

Jennifer and Kathy had also had a conversation in regards to the fact that Jennifer was speaking Italian, and the Roman soldiers were also involved. So Jennifer thought that it was possible that it could also represent the rise of the false prophet, of course Pope Francis.

As well, Susan had found a main stream article that Italy is involved in halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. All of these are signs of the stage being prepare for the antiChrist.

And Susan mentioned it could definitely be related to persecution. Thinking about the Roman soldiers, in relation to the Hebrews in Jesus’ day, and how much Christian persecution there was at that time. And as we know, the Word of God tells us that this is what we are about to experience…in many ways, we are already are.

So putting all of these pieces together, we’re starting to get a pretty good picture of what the Lord is saying. We are in the last moments of history and time. People need to make sure that their hearts are right with Jesus Christ, because there is no more time left.

The Antichrist is about to take his throne, the Beast system has set the stage, and the New World Order is about to be completely implemented. The CV Vaccine, which is the mark of the beast is already being accepted and taken by many many on the Earth, so many have already fallen into perdition.

Men are so focused on worshiping man and the beast, rather than The Living God. To those who still need to wake up: REPENT!! FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!!

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