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"I AM coming." ---- Patti Young

MAY 30, 2021

The Lord said ” I AM coming, I AM coming, I AM coming, not to a church of ill repute, but I come to a church that has been cleansed by fire. Is it not written, my word says I come for a church, a bride who is cleansed by fire? Woe to the jezebels, the harlots, the fornicaters who have taken other lovers unto themselves because of their selfish desires..Turbulence, turmoil, chaos, fire, death and rebellion shall scatter the people even more, for the accuser has been cast down, he knows his time is short. Stay close my bride, my beloved ones who minister unto me, whose robes have been made white. A turning will come to your nation, all by the control by my hand. Look, look I say unto this nation of rebellion, for as I come, as I enter into my own those I have overcome, the nations shall tremble and quake at my very presence alone. Fear not, again I say fear not, for I come down unto my

own,I come as the deliverer unto my people, I come to set the captives free, I come as a thief in the night and unto those with a watchful eye and oil in their lamps who will cry aloud and say Glory, glory, glory, for our Saviour has come, Come let us shout praises unto our King.

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Jun 03, 2021

How beautiful! I cannot wait for the Great I AM to come; as in the Days of Noah...those days are here...God bless everyone who reads this message...

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