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Dream: Jesus & A Lamb In The Clouds, & Dolphins - Jennifer


Jennifer's Dream: I was watching a beautiful blue sky with beautiful fluffy white clouds. One of the clouds makes the form of Jesus holding a lamb. Then the lamb disappears and the cloud form is Jesus looking down on the earth. Next, a cloud makes a form with Jesus. It is a dolphin.

Scene 2 of the dream: The dolphin is now a real dolphin and it is swimming in the ocean underwater and there are many little bubbles being made in the water.



While Jennifer and I went over this dream, she explained that she did do some searching, and found out such an amazing fact! The top layer of covering over the original tent for the Ark of The Covenant was dolphin/porpoise skins!

Exodus 25

Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

25 And the Lord said to Moses, 2 Speak to the Israelites, that they take for Me an offering. From every man who gives it willingly and ungrudgingly with his heart you shall take My offering. 3 This is the offering you shall receive from them: gold, silver, and bronze, 4 Blue, purple, and scarlet [stuff] and fine twined linen and goats’ hair, 5 Rams’ skins tanned red, goatskins, dolphin or porpoise skins, acacia wood

The word for "dolphin" skins:

We did some searching on this, I found a few things that may point to why dolphin skins were used. There is one story that was passed down as old Hebrew tradition, where they talked about how when Moses split the Red Sea, the Dolphins State along the walls of water that were being pushed up for the Hebrews and not only protected the fish from jumping out of the wall of water, but they also blocked the children from jumping into the walls of water so they would not get hurt. And it is said that the Dolphins themselves did not realize that when the water fell back down onto the seabed after the Hebrews walked through, that it would fall on top of the Egyptians and all of their weapons. So many of the Dolphins were killed by the Spears and such that the Egyptians had been carrying on their horses and chariots. So Hebrew tradition says that in order to honor the Dolphins for the service they did to not only protect the undersea life, but as well the children of the Israelites, that God had them make the top covering out of dolphin skins.

We tried to verify this wonderful story oh, but it sounds like it really is a traditional Hebrew interpretation of scripture, and a way that they could tell the story of The Parting of the Red Sea to the following Generations. However when Jennifer and I read that we just thought that was the neatest story That I knew I needed to share with you all!

We did however find some information that sounds verifiable and more factual, but it sounds like the dolphin skins were literally passed down through the Hebrew Generations until the building of the Temple. So they used those same dolphin skins to protect the Ark of the Covenant for as long as they traveled with it, which is so amazing!

But it's well, in regards to Jennifer's dream, the clouds forming Jesus holding the lamb, and then the lamb disappearing and then the cloud turning into a dolphin, we talked about the possibility that it represents God's children, and because in the second part, the Dolphins were swimming through the ocean making little bubbles everywhere, the bubbles reminded us of how the Lord showed me when he taught us about Transfiguration that, When we come back in a glorified bodies for the Harvest, it will be as if we are protected in bubbles outside of time within time. So we thought it might be possible that the Dolphins represented the first fruits, but that's just our thoughts.

If anyone else read this and you get any other interpretation please pop over an email at

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