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You will shine with the light of My Spirit – A sister in The Lord

January 7, 2022 7:31 PM A sister in The Lord

Jan 7, 2022 6:00pm (2nd entry)

Daughter write My words, faithful and true. Beloved daughter you are safe in the palm of My hand. Let no one and no thing ever make you believe otherwise. I have you. I love you and you are Mine as I AM yours. Your life and the lives of those who have put all their trust in Me, your lives are about to change. This change is equivalent to you having your day in the spotlight. Blessing upon blessing being poured out. You will be overwhelmed but you have mastered humility and thus pride will never enter in. You know all will be lifted up for My glory, to My Name. You have all laboured hard and long for Me and it is now your time to shine. Literally. You will shine with the light of My Spirit. They will run in hordes to see My light, to feel My presence and power that will pour out from your very being. Vessels unto Honor. Do not worry; put down every fear, worry and concern and know all is held in My hands. You know Me. You know My power, My glory and My goodness. You are blessed to be a child of the Most High. Blessed to be fit to be Queen to the King of Heaven.

All is not lost. Those I have promised to My Son will not be lost. Not one will be lost. Every soul that is destined for My Kingdom will find their way; through My Remnant. Their eyes will behold miracle after miracle; their hearts touched; My Spirit poured out; changing hearts to become fit for the Kingdom of God. What a joyous time that is ahead for all who are destined to be Citizens of Heaven.

Woe to those who have chosen the path of evil. Woe to the seed of satan. Your very days are numbered. You have chosen and you will not turn away from him who has deceived you into believing a lie. Woe, woe, woe to you. To all who are dabbling in witchcraft and divination, to you, those who are ‘My’ children, I say, come to Me now. Repent of your idolatry. Lay down and surrender and I will cleanse you and bring you onto My narrow path. Come now. I AM calling to all who have ears to hear Me. Discern this call. I AM calling out to you now. Come now and be washed clean.

Your Father in Heaven ABBA

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