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"You are strong, you are Valiant! You are Mighty!" - A Sister In The Lord

A Sister In The Lord

Word received 10/22/21

I was getting ready to go to sleep and saw two 47s, I smiled and remembering said, “Mighty”. As I said it, I heard Father God tell me “Sit down and write.” I will explain the ‘47’ part. A few years ago (beginning of 2019) I kept seeing number 47 everywhere. At first I didn’t think anything of it. Then I remembered how some people look up silly stuff like this to see what it means. Silly, I thought… (this was before I looked into politics, like Q and Trump and the whole looking up numbers and stuff). So I decided to look it up. Strong's #47 - אַבִּיר Transliteration: 'abbı̂yr Definition: mighty, valiant, strong When I saw what it meant, the Lord began telling me, “You are strong, you are Valiant! You are Mighty!” As time went on I kept seeing the number everywhere still. I asked the Lord, “Why do I still keep seeing this number everywhere now that I know what you wanted to say to me?” He said, “I will not stop reminding you until you believe it!” Forward to a few months later...I get in my Jeep, start the engine and my eyes are drawn to number 47. “I will not stop reminding you until you believe it” I whispered under my breath. As I was heading off somewhere I began pondering, what does it even mean to believe? How am I to believe that I am strong and valiant and mighty? Then the Lord spoke to me at that moment, “You believe is when you act on it.” So going back to the Father telling me to sit down and write. Rejoice, my mighty one for your hour is come! Wail oh you sons of man! Great is your reward, for your wickedness you shall be rewarded double! My mighty one is standing on my mountain ready to strike. All arrayed in white, shining like the stars. My jewels. My treasure. My reward! Behold, the Lord hath proclaimed unto the ends of the world, Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Behold, thy salvation cometh; behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him. (Isa 62:11) Soon, very soon, my children, you will appear before me, as you are already standing on my mountain. Do you believe that?! I AM the creator of time and I know and see every time frame that has ever happened and will happen, nothing is hidden from me. You already have fought your battles and have overcome the enemy, yet it is still to come. Just like my Son died before the foundation of the world so have you already overcome the enemy. Your faith is very important here. There was a pause here as he was waiting for me to ask a question.“Why is faith important?” I asked. One can not BE without faith. Selah. You are here because you believe. (‘here’ as in this understanding or mindset) Do you believe that you are the mighty? What did my Son tell you? You believe when you act upon it. So stand in your belief! When he said this word 'belief', I had the understanding it’s the meaning of Hebrew word faith, to live by faith as in Hab 2:4, endorsing Ancient Hebrew Research Center website or Jeff A. Benner, just found a definition that works in this situation) This is a call to arms! Fight my warrior! Many are perishing, but did you forget that the prayer of the righteous availeth much? (James 5:16) Each word, each prayer you speak, matters. You may not see the fruit at this time but trust me, you will very soon. Ask for my guidance and leading in prayer that the enemy may not use you in his favor. Stand strong my children for you have already won! Your Father Yahuah

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