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Woe unto Babylon the judgments have come – Nameless

AUG 11TH 2021 10:12 AM NAMELESS

Woe unto the earth, woe unto Babylon the judgments have come.

Look not at what is around you, the wind and the waves look to me the author and finisher of your faith.

What has begun cannot be stopped. I shall finish what I began. What is written shall be, what was spoken shall be done. I AM the beginning and I AM the end.

The waves are crashing upon the shoreline, wave after wave upon Babylon’s shores. Who can hold back the seas? Who can stop the waves? Look to the one who walks upon the waters and is not moved.

You say in your hearts, “this could not be.” The hour has come, it shall not delay. The towers of Babel are falling, Babylon’s high towers are crashing down, a cry is heard in the great city.

Woe unto the habitants of the earth the day has come to give unto those what is due. Reckoning has come to the great harlot, do not be found in her on this day. Death famine and ruin, I will burn her up with fire to see what remains in the ashes.

Hold fast so that no man may steal your crown. Those whom love not their lives unto death great is your reward.

Many shall enter into captivity, those who dwell in Babylon, those who did not harken unto my words to come out. I sent word unto them and they turned away my voice and heaped up those who tickled their ears with their own hearts desire.

Woe unto them who dwell in Babylon but rejoice those whom dwell on my mountain, hidden from the face of the serpent, those whom escape the trials.

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