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Winds Of God's Matt on the team

Dream from last night (3/17/22); led to study before I posted it:

Dream was simple and short. We were in a team meeting. We were studying the wind directions, specifically the east wind and the south wind. While we were studying the east wind, we could feel the east wind blowing on our faces despite being inside. We were studying how the east wind means God's judgement. We were also discussing how we could feel the south wind starting to come up and how the south wind signifies revival and going outside of time. I specifically remember seeing Sara and Kathy talking.

Some things Matt was led to look up:

The east wind or sirocco (from Arabic shark= "east") is the "scorching wind" (Jas 1:11) from the desert. It is a hot, gusty wind laden with sand and dust and occurs most frequently in May and October. The temperature in a given place often rises 15 or 20 degrees within a few hours, bringing thermometer to the highest readings of the year. It is customary for the people to close up the houses tightly to keep out the dust and heat. The heat and dryness wither all vegetation (Gen 41:6). Happily the wind seldom lasts for more than three days at a time. It is the destructive "wind of the wilderness" (Job 1:19; Jer 4:11; 13:24): "Yahweh caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all the night" (Ex 14:21) for the children of Israel to pass; the "rough blast in the day of the east wind" (Isa 27:8). The strength of the wind makes it dangerous for ships at sea: "With the east wind thou breakest the ships of Tarshish" (Ps 48:7). Euraquilo or Euroclydon (Acts 27:14 the King James Version), which caused Paul's shipwreck, was an East-Northeast wind, which was especially dangerous in that region.

The south wind is frequent in Palestine. If it is slightly Southwest, it may bring rain, but if it is due South or Southeast, there is no rain. It is a warm wind bringing good weather. "When ye see a south wind blowing, ye say, There will be a scorching heat; and it cometh to pass" (Lk 12:55). In the cooler months it is a gentle, balmy wind, so that the "earth is still by reason of the south wind" (Job 37:17; compare Song 4:16).

Spiritual Warfare: The Four Winds & Prayer

What is the significance of the East Wind in the Bible?

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