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While The World Spirals Down A Rabbit Hole Of Time, The Bride Is Ready - Kathy

Word From The Lord Through Kathy @ Grafted In – Team Jesus


The world is spiraling down a rabbit hole of time. It seems, to My children, like they have been waiting for “an eternity” to be with Me...when actually, time is not as it seems. Even now, powers of darkness experiment with technology and time that they think will work for their purposes, yet, I know and I see the outcome, which will even surprise those who “think” they know how this will work. Everything, as you know it, is about to change forever. Nothing will ever be the same again. I am allowing the enemy his very short time to work his deceptive tactics to try and rule over My creation. I will double cross him at every pass, however I will allow enough to fulfill scripture and bring about My Triumphant Return.

My Bride is ready for The Wedding Supper, and all of heaven is ready to receive her. She is precious in My sight, and she has stayed faithful till the end. Just a few more moments My Love (spoken as it is "imminent"), and I will Come to receive You into My Bosom, and show you great and mighty things that you know not. I am about to reveal to you the things of My glory, and you will never see corruption again. My Heart beats with excitement to show you all that I have for you! Be excited with Me, My Bride, for you will forever be with Me in Paradise, and never again shall you feel the affects of this fallen world.

Those of you I have called as My Harvest Workers know who you are. I have prepared each of your hearts, and you have been through much training for your assignments even now. Further training will be required when you are with Me at My Holy Mountain. You will receive all orders and details you will need to accomplish your work preparing My church for My Glorious Return. Continue in obedience. Do not look right or left. Stay the course I have you on, and be ready at any moment for My Call. I Am Coming to get you my Bride. The anticipation has come to an end...I COME!!

With All Of My love,

Your Groom, Jesus Christ

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