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After receiving info from my boss that everyone has to get the vaccine to continue working, I had to consult KING JESUS about it.

Days passed by and suddenly I found myself in a certain place taking the vaccine and receiving the certificate. When I received the certificate, I started hiding and didn’t want anyone to know that I received the vaccine. Moments went by and again I found myself in a certain place and I immediately knew that it was a place for those who had received the vaccine just as myself. In this place, I saw a lot of people. These people didn’t have free will, they were doing things that they will not to do. I started regretting why I took the vaccine and yet I had decided to ask JESUS first before making any decisions. As I was still in deep regrets, I found myself worshipping the god of that place and I knew very well that the god I’m worshipping is the devil but there was nothing I could do to stop it. I wasn’t in control over my body: in my mind, I knew that what I was doing was wrong. I didn’t want to worship that demon (satan) but nevertheless, I found myself praising and bowing down to it.

Then suddenly, I saw one European man shouting out loud with a loud voice saying “I’m doing this for you my god” then he jumped in the river that was near us. I heard a voice In my head saying “he has offered himself as a sacrifice to that god.” Tears started flowing from my eyes as I regretted having taken the vaccine: that same time another European lady (I saw her as one of our leaders) shouted on top of her voice “praising and worshipping the devil(demon) saying how much she loved that god and would do anything for it” she then took a knife and cut open her bossom and all her entrails gushed out profusely and she dropped dead.

Great fear fell upon me and the entire multitudes of people around. The same voice came back to me saying “all these people are doing all these things against their will but soon, someone among you has to offer his or her life as a sacrifice to this god” I was so scared and full of regrets as to why I had the vaccine. I some how got an understanding that whatever is happening is because of the vaccine effects, the vaccine was responsible for taking control over people’s actions and there was nothing anyone could do apart from wait for his or her turn to offer themselves as a sacrifice to that god. People were worshipping the devil without control. .. as I was weeping while kneeling on the ground with great sorrow, distress and agony, I cried and cried knowing that all hope is gone. What was done was done and there was no way for me to get out of that state or condition. I knew for a fact that I was separated from freedom and self will or free will forever and I couldn’t worship GOD anymore for it was too late.

I don’t know what happened, but I opened my eyes 2 minutes before my morning alarm and I realized that I had just gotten an answer from THE LORD about the vaccine. I was full of joy that I wasn’t facing reality and I had another chance to decide for myself and avoid the vaccine at all cost.

Since then, I don’t care about my job, shopping malls, buying or selling, transportation or even flights.. I have made up my mind, I’M NOT TAKING THE VACCINE. ~ Stephen Ebittu.

I got this towards the end of June 2021.. not so sure about the exact date.

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Thank you for confirming what Jesus has been telling me. I’ve been struggling with this information and was talking to my pastor about it, because there are people in this congregation getting the mark. I wanted the pastor to take a stand on the pulpit. How can I minister to someone who has taken this shot? Jesus help me do your will! Amen!

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