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Ezekiel 7: 6-106 An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come. 7The morning is come unto thee, O thou that dwellest in the land: the time is come, the day of trouble is near, and not the sounding again of the mountains. 8Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee, and accomplish mine anger upon thee: and I will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense thee for all thine abominations. 9And mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: I will recompense thee according to thy ways and thine abominations that are in the midst of thee; and ye shall know that I am the LORD that smiteth. 10 Behold the day, behold, it is come: the morning is gone forth; the rod hath blossomed, pride hath budded. KJV

Sometime in early April 2021 the Lord said to me that something very significant would happen in July 2021. I prayed but only continued to be impressed upon that it would greatly impact the United States in her sovereignty and that it was connected to other things that had already been revealed to me -see “The Coming Destruction of United States of America” and many other prophecies about the fall of the nation (there are quite a few).

I ask all to note that I was unaware at that time of the signing of the National Emergencies Act by President Trump on March 13, 2020 connection to this dream this dream.

President Biden has renewed this through March 2022. When the riot on the White House on January 6, 2021 happened the Holy Spirit said this was the elites message, a signaling to their people, that they had total control. Please do not think the only one party is under the elite master control!

In early July, in a conversation with Jonathan the webmaster, I shared my concerns. I had prayed and continued to seek the Lord about the matter but had heard nothing more definitive until I had this vision on July 14.

VISION Received July 14, 2021 10:30 AM

As I left my bed after again asking the Lord what He wanted me to know what was happening in July, I immediately had a vision before my right foot even hit the floor.

In the spirit I saw the outline of a city with a banner waving over it “NORFOLK”, I knew it was Norfolk, VA. Then, I saw the entire city explode! I heard “Bombings!”. I knew it was a Nuclear Attack.

I went about the business of my day pondering this. When I logged on to my computer and I heard news about the parade for NATO taking over the Navy base in Norfolk, VA. The parade was done on one of the U.S. destroyers! I was shocked, like most Americans, I missed what little coverage was given about this significant alteration in our military sovereignty.

Next, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “This is what I have been warning you of. Remember when you had the vision of the President and Putin shaking hands over the assault upon the United States in a vision back in 2016? (It occurred shortly after I saw “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America” and received His words narrating what happens). I told that it will be blamed on Russia following these attacks happening on the East Coast (I am not sure which Vision Prophecy this was but it was posted on this site or it may have been comments, which were deleted by the Webmaster); I replied “Yes, Lord“.

Then I heard, “Do you remember the dream I gave you of the assault on the White House (DREAM: THE TAKEOVER OF THE WHITE HOUSE. AND A WORD FROM THE LORD (3/25/20)?

To which I responded, “Yes, Lord.

This is the next step!

He also reminded me of the attack that occurred on 1/5/21 (which He repeated told me to post an update of the fulfillment of that dream 10 months later, though I failed to do, until now).

He also reminded me about the attacks, I had been told about would happen on Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach (which I have seen many times in visions since the 1990’s) and mentioned in several prophecies including several above and also on comments to readers inquiries which have no been removed from this website by the webmaster.

For those who don’t know, Virginia Beach is 19 miles from Norfolk. Norfolk has been a significant key to the U.S. Navy. According to it is the largest naval base in the WORLD! It is the hub for our naval operations as well as being the base from which all U.S. Navy forces that operate in Europe and the Caribbean originate.

It is also a short distance from Washington, D.C. (less than 200 miles), which I have been told to warn on a number of occasions will be destroyed by nuclear bombs.

Few may remember but it is was Norfolk, where the British were sent running when attacked during the American Revolution. I have also been told to share that the United States is still very closely aligned to the United Kingdom through the various shared bloodlines by royalty and all the presidents who have been “selected”.

I found it quite interesting when a member of the press proclaimed “Happy Bastille Day“, to which the speaker acknowledged even before the initial press conference on this matter even began, which was discussing the NATO takeover. For those who aren’t history fans, this was the day commemorating the French Revolution when the Monarchy of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were overthrown and murdered. The new form of republic replaced it and Napoleon was their new leader and initiated many wars of aggression. The Holy Spirit said to me, that was “this is another signal by the elite that the “REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN”!!”

Interestingly, much of the media that followed NATO’s installment at Norfolk had an abrupt change in the reporting less than a week later, downplaying NATO’s role, saying those outside the mainstream media were misinterpreting what had been stated by our military and what occurred with regard to NATO. Mainstream media was now stating NATO was now working with the NAVY. It is instead a joint effort. When I pondered this, I asked the Holy Spirit about it.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that this specific readjustment was just another example of how reporting is done in the press these days (this is not a party specific issue) has now become the norm in many federal government operations.

For example, many Americans still has whiplash on the pronouncements made by Dr. Falsy about the necessity of mask wearing, he even said in late spring 2021, that if you are healthy you don’t need to wear one…if you missed that one, there have been many conflicting statements about if we need boosters and also the number boosters, etc.

So many other events have similarly been “reevaluated, revised, restated, reimagined, etc.” to make information more acceptable to the masses. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is true when you hear pundits, interviews, press releases, etc. you may be very shocked at the actual end game, He reveals all truth.

I have had to battle, so incredibly to get this word released from my computer freezing to windows being suddenly blurred making them unreadable, to not getting access to pages when I click a link, my mouse working then not working (having to frequently stop and do spiritual warfare just to be able to continue). I have had severe personal attack as well. I knew opposition would be tremendous and that is why I delayed but the Spirit of God commanded that this word must be released, now.

This is urgent! We are so incredibly close to the coming assaults. The info. on this link make it even more obvious. As new NATO command becomes fully operational, top US military officer issues warning over ‘great power war’ since info can sometimes “disappear” I will post the article at the end of this document.

I strongly urge you if you have any doubts seek the Lord’s confirmation! He doesn’t want anyone reacting without His direction! I don’t either. Please! Ask Him!

I have been warning those that I come in contact. Repent now or repent for all of eternity in the flames of Hell!

Satan is rejoicing at the fall of so many people, don’t follow the wide way to destruction!

Here is the Word of the Lord –

Children, I AM pouring out my warnings on all the prophets, who know this urgent hour is at hand.

Stand afar and ignore it and you will hate the outcome forever, or come and bow at my throne in repentance for all your evil ways.

I AM only going to be accessible for a few moments more for so many of you. I tell you millions are going to die soon in the United States as tragedy strikes, to the North, to the South, to the East, and to the West! Your mighty rivers will be so decimated and altered in their courses and carrying many to their deaths miles away from their homes, some it will be hundreds and some it will be thousands, even ten of thousands into new lands that they have never set foot in and some into the oceans forevermore.

It will be the end of their flesh but what of their spirits? Will they have chosen to serve sin or the Master, the Creator of all?

Will they be dressed for the finest Wedding of all time? Or, will they be crying out to me beginning for just one more opportunity to change?

Will they be grateful for the way, the truth and the life in my Son, Christ Jesus, Yeshua? Or, will they be saying that satan didn’t seem that bad at the time?

Will they be worshiping me forever more or will they regret their choices for every second of eternity?

Each one has a choice.

You have a choice. Your mommy nor your daddy could make that choice, only you. You don’t inherit salvation like a genetic trait of blue eyes or that crease in your chin.

Salvation is a choice of each and every soul. Don’t look at your neighbor and cheat off their salvation experience, as though unprepared for a pop quiz in algebra class.

Each person is unique and their relationship is unique. This is the one thing you can’t ever fake. Did you choose to be submitted in your flesh to Me, by allowing your spirit to be liberated by the blood of my son, upon the Cross?

Did my Son, Jesus pay your sin debt or were you too busy doing other things, to distracted to notice Him?

It’s now or never, just like that old song.

Chose me.

Chose satan.

As that evil, wicked song artist, many hail as a legend of this era, “gotta serve somebody” couldn’t be truer. In fact, it might be the truest thing he ever said. Child, the time is now!

Say this prayer or something like it in your own words, I AM concerned with the desires of your heart and mind, not your word choice:

“Father, I am so sorry for all the ways I’ve sinned against you. I have no excuse, I am a sinner and I can not cleanse myself. Only your son, Jesus Christ, the true son of you, the one and only Living God can make me clean by His shed blood on the cross at Calvary.

He who was and is sinless, please take my sin and I ask you now Lord, to cleanse me. Help me to be free of all sin from my past (confess/state all incidents that come to mind) Lord, thank you for freeing me from the debt of sin that I could never pay!

Help me to walk sinless. Please show me when I do sin, so I may repent.

Help me to lead by example and reveal the change Christ has brought forth in me, so others will repent, too.

Lead my feet in the ways of righteous living. Help me to choose to do the right things. Help me to turn from all temptations of sin, through thought, word or deed. I know that I can not do these things myself but only through your power!

Thank you, Lord for the son, Jesus, who sets me free! Thank you Lord for purifying me. Let me never look back. Help me to look to the future, my eternity with you forever.


Come children, the time is now.

Do not delay!

Your loving Heavenly Father.


~ Handmaid of the Most High ~

Brothers and Sisters – this is both Critical and Urgent from the Father. I have been under such immense attacks because of the nature of this. Please share it with others. I don’t know the time frame but I know this is not some far off event! We must be praying for those who live there to get right with the Lord. Many will be forced to stay in the area. That may be God’s plan but there may be folks that He does desire to be elsewhere and I urge you to pray in agreement with each person’s purpose in the Kingdom! Pray for the spouses and children, too.

I would so appreciate prayers. There is much personal chaos and blockages that the enemy is sending me such as issues with getting medical supplies and other minor things accomplished that has been many months even years.

Somethings that should be as simple as going to the pharmacy is being intervened upon and blocked. Also physical attacks such as direct energy weapons being used (see previous prophecy). I have also had great heaviness and tiredness to the point of not being able to think clearly (this was very obvious yesterday to the point I fell asleep for 13 1/2 hours! I need some prayer intervention. Other things are happening rooted in great evil which I will not disclose here but most every area of my life is under attack.


See Scriptures already provided on the other Prophecy’s pages which are mentioned above.

Article Mentioned Above

ABOARD THE AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT SHIP KEARSARGE IN NORFOLK, Va. — NATO and U.S. military leaders gathered at Joint Force Command Norfolk in Virginia on Thursday to celebrate full readiness of the first operational NATO headquarters in North America. The new command will be responsible for the Atlantic and Arctic regions. NATO also has two other joint force commands — one in Brunssum, Netherlands (considered the heart of Europe), and another in Naples, Italy, in the Mediterranean region — U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis noted at the ceremony aboard the American amphibious warship Kearsarge. Lewis leads U.S. 2nd Fleet and the new command JFC Norfolk, both of which were stood up in recent years in response to increased Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic Ocean, increased military and commercial traffic in the Arctic, and other factors that have generated a renewed interest in securing the seaways between Europe and the United States. Setting up a third joint force command in Virginia “creates a link between North America and Europe and helps to further develop the desired 360-degree approach for our collective defense and security. Joint Force Command Norfolk is the first operational-level NATO headquarters in North America and is the Atlantic advocate within the alliance, enhancing NATO’s readiness and responsiveness,” Lewis said. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley also spoke at the event, where he somberly described the effects of great power competition during the two world wars and said NATO and JFC Norfolk are responsible for ensuring that never happens again. “It’s the mission of this command to fight the Battle of the Atlantic in the event of armed conflict,” Milley said in a 20-minute address at the ceremony. Lewis and his successors at JFC Norfolk “will be the admirals in charge of a ‘Battle for the Atlantic.’ … I would tell you that the survival of NATO, the success or failure in combat in a future war in Europe, would largely depend on the success or failure of this command.” Milley is well versed in the impact of a great power competition, in no small part because his father served as a Navy corpsman alongside the Marines that landed on Iwo Jima. The top U.S. military office added that the U.S. and NATO must take actions now to avoid another world war from happening again. “In my view, the world is entering a period of potential instability, as some nations — not all, but some — and clearly terrorist groups and perhaps some rogue actors are seeking to undermine and challenge the existing international order. And they seek to weaken the system of cooperation and collective security that has been in existence for some time,” he said. “The dynamic nature of today’s current environment is counterbalanced by an order that was put in place 76 years ago at the end of World War II,” he added. “It was the bloodiest war in human history: There were almost 7,000 Marines killed in action, 21,000 Japanese killed in action on the island of Iwo Jima where my dad landed, and that was only in 19 days. In the short period of 31 years, from 1914 to 1945, world wars I and II were fought among the great powers of the day, and 150 million people — 150 million around the world — were killed in the conduct of great power war.” Milley spoke of some of the low points of the wars: a six-week period in the fall of 1918 when American expeditionary forces fought in the Battle of Meuse-Argonne during which 26,000 Marines and soldiers died; an eight-week period in the summer of 1944 when 425,000 soldiers among opposing forces were wounded or killed, from the beaches of Normandy inland to Paris, with 37,000 Allied troops killed in those weeks alone. “That is the butcher’s bill of great power war. That’s what this international order that’s been in existence for seven and a half decades is designed to prevent. That’s what JFC Norfolk is all about, is to prevent that outcome,” he said. “We are experiencing a change, a significant change, in the character of war … how we fight, the organizations we fight with, the technology that we use. “There’s a whole set of technologies that are driving fundamental change, and if we the United States military, and if we NATO as an alliance, do not adapt and adopt these technologies, if we do not get there ‘firstest with the mostest’ and we don’t put the pedal to the metal and do this right over the next 10 or 15 years, we are condemning a future generation to what happened 76 years ago.” U.S. 2nd Fleet Commander and NATO Joint Force Command Norfolk Commander Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis addresses the audience at a ceremony celebrating JFC Norfolk reaching full operational capability (FOC), as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley listens. Defense News photo. The general said existing capabilities — precision munitions backed by intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems; artificial intelligence; and manned-unmanned teaming — as well as technology coming down the line — biotechnology, human engineering and miniaturization — will have “a fundamental impact on the conduct of war.” “The country that masters those technologies, combines them with their doctrine, develops their leadership to take maximum advantage of them, is likely going to have significant and perhaps even decisive advantage at the beginning of the next war — and in fact, that may be as long as the war lasts. So mastering the change in the character of war is most likely going to be the most important thing we do as a professional military over the next 10-15 years,” Milley said. In a nod to the ongoing debate about defense spending, Milley said readiness and modernization are both important, but warned adversaries that current American and NATO war-fighting capabilities are strong. “The challenge is going to be in the future, in the not-too-distant future, and that’s where our focus needs to be,” the chairman said. Lewis told Defense News after the ceremony that because NATO doesn’t have its own military, the alliance relies on members to make the right investments in their respective war-fighting capabilities. But an organization like JFC Norfolk can help by tying together those varying capabilities, he said, creating a common operating picture for NATO leaders and ensuring a structure is in place for allied militaries to rapidly deploy together in response to a crisis. Lewis added that every time a ship deploys from Norfolk, for example, it’s not just a U.S. military asset but also a node in NATO’s common operating picture through JFC Norfolk. Building a clear picture of the Atlantic and Arctic will help NATO get a sense of what “normal” looks like so the alliance can quickly identify and react to an abnormal situation, he explained. The recent NATO exercise Steadfast Defender, held off the coast of Portugal, allowed the U.S. Navy and JFC Norfolk to test for the first time their ability to assemble a maritime component that flows in from North America to Europe in support of military operations on the eastern side of the Atlantic.

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