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Tsunami East Coast Dream – Robyn Ward


In 2018 I had a dream that I was on the East Coast at an amusement park. There were tons of happy families riding all the rides at the amusement park and they seemed oblivious to anything else going on except the fun they were having. Suddenly in my dream I had this sickening feeling that a tsunami was coming and I began to shout to people to warn them that a tsunami was coming . People kept riding the rides and seemed as if they didn’t hear me. I kept shouting but noone seemed to care. Then a huge wave came that was as tall as the highest roller coaster in the amusement park ! End of dream. I feel God is warning people to wake up and get right with him. We are in the last days.

Note I also saw a few days that la Paloma volcano has been erupting near the canary islands and if it caused a part of island to break off this could cause a tsunami on the east coast .

Please pray

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