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"Trust Me." - Christie W

On Friday, July 30 I was in prayer with the Lord. I began speaking to him about what I felt was a lack of trust in him during this time. As the world heats up and it seems to be going further and further into chaos I felt that I needed a trust boost. I closed my eyes and sat there waiting for a vision from the Lord. I all of a sudden saw myself in the woods. I could see smoke rising in the distance and flickering light, as if there was a fire in the woods. I could tell that the fire was growing and getting closer and closer and I looked behind me and I saw the same smoke and flickering light and I knew that I was surrounded. All of a sudden, off in the distance a small Cabin appeared. I was reluctant to go to the cabin because it looked suspicious and I felt myself saying I don’t know what’s in that cabin, there could be a crazy murderer in the cabin. However, I knew that it was my only escape so I walked up to the cabin reluctantly and put my hand on the door knob. I looked around and the fire was getting closer and closer and I cautiously opened the door to the house, quickly went inside, and shut the door with my back towards the rest of the cabin. I didn’t want to look around for some reason, still fearing what could be in the cabin. I finally got the courage to turn and look around and before my eyes the cabin transformed into a huge cave with sand beneath my feet. There was a light was coming through the entrance of the cave so bright I could hardly see. I walked towards that light and walked out of the cave. I found myself on the beach standing before a crystal clear ocean water so beautiful that I could hardly believe my eyes. I looked to my left and coming down the beach was Jesus. I felt a sense of relief come over my body and I went running towards him and and he took my hand and we walked together. His presence reassured me that I can trust him.

Interpretation: Even when the world is falling apart around us, even when it is on fire and everything is being destroyed we can trust Him! He will show us a way out, just like the little cabin in the woods. He has made a way for us to escape.

“Walk through the door my little ones, trust me and walk through the door. For you do not know all that I hold and have in store for you on the other side, it is like nothing you have ever seen before. Trust me.”

Psalm 32:10

10 Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him.

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