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"This Woman Is An Enemy"...dream from Matt3210

Mar 18, 2022

I'm standing in line at a fast food restaurant and the place is very packed with people. I'm dressed in my church clothes (black suit with a plain narrow black tie and white shirt).A very black (darker than dark) woman walks in with her many children. She's asking people to buy her and her kids a meal. I'm hoping to get my order in before she gets to me so I wouldn't have to buy her a meal and her kids a meal. She walks up to me and I do offer to buy her and her kids a meal hoping that they only order one meal each. I step aside and open a packet of hot sauce (?) which is 3x bigger than a ketchup packet. The packet is slightly tipped to one side and half of the liquid spills out onto the floor. Before she gets to order the head military commander from a nearby camp comes in. He declares that the woman is an enemy and pulls back her "skin" to reveal her true identity, I then woke up.

Some Breakdowns and Interpretation:

Here is what Matt got in the spirit: On my way home from work, I was thinking about my dream. The military commander is God/Jesus. The dark woman is either revealing of the Antichrist or that America is going to be revealed as mystery Babylon.

Luke on the team also after reading the dream mentioned that he felt like the hot sauce represented fake blood, that there what's something false about the whole thing to begin with.

And Allison was saying that It might be saying that, as we all know, when things get started, they will use children to play on people's sympathy, to get them to do or agree on things for the sake of the children.

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