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ON 9/23/2021

Joel 3:13 Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great.

-The Morning of 23rd I saw Four Angels standing on the Earth with Four Trumpets, and Four Sickles and The Angel That was on the East Made a great Noise, Talking with the One on white Horse, Who their Called the 1st Born among Many, The Lord God of the Holy Prophets, Beginning and the end and The bright and morning star, Saying my Lord the Harvest is Ready when he said that the Earth and everything that was in it was shaken like leaves shaken with great wind, The One on White Horse Replied The Altar is Completed and the incense and the Prayers of the saint is Full, and He said Prepare Prepare prepare for we are ready for the Harvest.

-The Man stood on His Kneels before the One on white Horse saying my God my Lord with Great tears in Loud voice knocking his Chest with his Right hand saying what shall be on Israel and what will Come on Judah? When i heard small Voice Called the Man Abraham But when the One on White horse replied it was sounds like Thunder and the Man on kneels was Comforted

-Then There Appeared Another Angel who the Four Angel called rebellion and Lechery, He was Drunk with the Blood and Uttered Blasphemy with Curses, The Lechery Angel who their Called Rebellion said his time is Limited and he wanted time extended the One one white has did not speak to him or replied in Anger he Flyed like Blind Bird on Earth left, north, and Right and Fall on Earth like Fallen Tree, and the One on White Horse said to the Four Angel Prepare Prepare we are Going for the Harvest, Then He spoke some words and the Door was Opened above, the The Four Angels with the trumpets, and Sickles were Received and the Door was Closed then the white Horse and His Rider moved upon the face of the Earth, He said to me Tell the Earth to Repent and Turn for the Season has Changed and the Time is at Hand

Much Love Daniel

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