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"The Twelfth Hour For California Is Almost up! - Jennifer

Jennifer, word from the Lord given - Friday, June 18th, 2021

I woke up with the words... The 12th hour for California is almost up. I saw the state of California with a red circle right where it bends (near San Francisco), put the bear in the middle of the circle.

I was not going to send this, but then when I was led to look up the state animal of California, I found that it is the grizzly bear! So as soon as I found that, knowing that I saw a bear on the map, I knew that was my confirmation so I sent it over.


Of course we know the obvious, the big earthquake is coming, because San Francisco is well known for the huge coming danger of the big Quake about to happen. It is said there are several significant sister faults that are right there, and if the San Andreas goes, San Francisco will be underwater.

But we also reserve the possibility that the bear could have a dual meaning, and also mean that Russia may enter the country that way when the soon-to-be Red Dawn begins.

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