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THE TIME IS NOW! – Victoria Ang

Victoria Ang


Very early this morning while praying and praising, worshipping the Lord. I received a vision. In the vision the Lord was standing in front of me. There was a line of other people that I did not know standing in a row beside me( harvest workers).The light of God was shinning brightly. There was light coming from each worker, but everything else was dark( the world).

The Lord handed me a fire flame that was coming from his hands. He went down the row of workers and handed them a fire flame. ( Fire of the Holy Spirit, baptism).

He continued down each row till all hand the fire flame in their hands.We all had on white robes . Snow started to fall . And each person was glowing in Gods light. ( Represents the pureness of the Holy Spirit,…transformation ).

We all turned in unison and directly in front of us was a field. Lush green and full. Ripe for the harvest. And I heard the Lord say” THE TIME IS NOW”!…..

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