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The Supernatural Power Of Praise - Sara on our team!

Word From The Lord Through Sara On Our Team


The Supernatural Power Of Praise

Your weapon will be the frequency of your mind through praise. You will also fight with the Sword of the Spirit, which is the frequency of my spoken Word. Your enemy will flee. Spend time with me daily. My Holy Spirit will teach you all things you need to know. You are on the right track. You are frequency. All living things are frequency. Move in my frequency. Poor Satan, he is absolutely zero power over any of my children, and he knows this. Yet he is so prideful, he thinks he can outsmart me and my children. He is the antithesis of me. His efforts are futile. It is all by design. Lucifer has forgotten how magnificent I am because I hardened his heart when he fell into sin. I allowed him to lose "his sight" when he allowed pride to enter into him. Therefore he can no longer "see" how futile his efforts are. Man is no different. Any sin which has been unrepented for, blocks your "eye". Lucifer did not want man to know this, so he hid this from man by infiltrating churches and changing scriptures. Only those who truly seek me gain this knowledge. You were created for this time, but you had to choose to be here. In other words, you chose to seek me and I sought you in return. You had to run after me with all of your heart and lose the world. Then your eyes were fully opened. It is true that many so-called "people" are not actually people but clones and hybrids created by satan, with demons inside them. They are the tares. It has been so throughout the ages. My children always here from Me, although some choose not to listen. This makes me very sad, obviously, however I rejoice in my children that do listen and obey me. I am always calling my children, Sara. Thank you for listening to me and obeying me daughter. I love you very much! You are so precious to me! I long to hold you and comfort you. Soon we we'll all be together and there will be no more pain, no more tears, no more suffering. The joy you will experience will be unlike anything you have ever experienced on Earth! All of the suffering you have experienced in your short life time will be quickly forgotten. I have purposely placed you where you are for this time. Continue on your journey - your quest - as I am always with you. Ask Me for guidance. Ask Me for gifts of the Spirit and they shall be given you. Pray for protection and you shall be protected. Make no decisions without seeking Me! None! This is extremely important! I can't emphasize this enough. Your time with Me is precious and extremely important for you. It will refresh your soul. Your soul is eternal. It is you. More understanding to come. Just remember that I am with you as you are with me. Since I am IN you, you can do all things remember? This simply means that when you are within my will I will give you the ability to do anything and everything. Why would I not allow this when I would be telling you to do a specific thing? Make sense? Spend as much time as you can with Me. Read My word and ask Me for understanding. I will always give it to you sweet child! You are beautiful in My sight! Our own understanding. Let go of everything you thought you knew and allow Me to blow your mind! Give all your cares over to me. I've got you in the palm of My hand!

Your one true Love,

Jesus your Redeemer

Scripture Reference:

"your eye": Matt 6:22-23

(Look up this scripture in Bible Hub Interlinear and see this below:)

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