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The Prodigal – Terri Hennessey


Nov 2/21 9:50 AM

Daughter write My words,

My time is not your time and I know My Bride, My Beloved ones are weary. I know you all wait in great anticipation of My coming to lift you up and draw each of you unto Myself. That day is so very near, but there are many of My children who have yet to awaken to the season of My coming. I must awaken those who have waxed cold. As thus, I AM doing a great work in their hearts. They must have the hardened shell that surrounds their hearts, cracked and pulled away from the beating and pounding within each of them. My harvest is upon My Bride, for My shaking will indeed crack the hardness and will bring each of them to a place of confusion, chaos and fear, then they will be ready for My Bride to enter in and grab hold of their hands and hearts and lead them to Me. For some it will be ‘once again’, for others, it will be the first time they have ever opened their hearts toward Me. I AM the Maker, Creator of all things. I AM the Potter and only I can remould those who are far removed, so enthralled with the world are they. They must see the error of their ways. When they do, this is when My Bride will go to them, for in that moment, before the enemy has any chance of hardening them once again, My Bride will bring them to Me. They will repent, they will surrender. Be patient and loving, knowing you are waiting to bring your brothers and sisters with you to the Banquet I have prepared. For I love them (as I love you) and want them to come home. For just like the prodigal, they were dead, but now they are alive, and such will be celebrated in Heaven. Amen Lovingly, ABBA Father

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