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Anonymous sister in The Lord:

Yeshua Speaks:

Yes you will be together with Me always, and you will also be doing other things for me as well. You are My kings and My priests, and because of your knowledge in Revelation and understanding here, you will be brought directly to me and be side-by-side with Me. You will govern over much as you have been given much responsibility because of your obedience here. This experience here on Earth is only the tip of the iceberg. You have only scratched the surface at the beginning of your journey with Me into eternity, and into Love itself. When you arrive in heaven we will dance and play, yes play, and Love, and rejoice together. We will have so much fun. You have never known fun and happiness like you will have here when we come together in My Kingdom. I wish you would be laughing and jumping for joy at what I am about to do I am the complete and ultimate expression of Love. I am comprised of total and Perfect Love. My Love is eternal and My Love is Limitless, ever-expanding and all-encompassing. When I bring you from this Temple and you are Transformed you will enter into my perfect love without the curse of this Fallen nature and from that, you will be drawn and carried from one aspect at my love to another aspect. The very essence of my being, each time being fully immersed into a higher and deeper capacity within your spirit, to be absorbed into this love, hence My words. I move you from glory to glory and Me, and in all My creation breathed forth from the very essence of who I am. There is only Love. Love is everything. Love is All Things. Everything in my kingdom feeds from the depths of My great love for My creation. Love is what holds each one together, as one, because in Me, there is no separation. All are one, All is love. All that comprises my kingdom is driven by My love. Fed by My Love, nurtured in My love, held together with My Love. So you see, you who walk with Me now have already entered this great mystery. I have already begun the process and you, moving you from glory to glory. I have given you access here and now, and as I pour out My spirit now in these last days, you will be given the experience of My kingdom here and your temple on Earth before I bring you home. Be at complete peace My love, and be filled with such anticipation and great joy, as you have already had the door open unto you, so that you may enter fully in. The mysteries of My kingdom will be given unto you, You are my ambassadors of Light and Love. Come up...come up now. Love and be loved. The midnight hour and the bride, write my daughter, that which my spirit gives to your heart. Do not dant and do not hesitate, for these are not your words, it is I the King who speaks them. Prepare My bride. My holy ones, My vessels, our engagement period comes to its end, and our wedding ceremony approaches. I am coming to give you your new garments your beautiful robes of purity and righteousness, which are fit for you to wed the King. I am in the process of making the final preparations to each of my bride, fashioning you and refining you for your exact purpose and position here on this earth. All the experiences of Your Life Time journey with Me have been woven into your old garments, and they have served to draw you deeper into my arms, only the arms of your Savior know of your struggles your pains and your trials, as my overflowing Love poured out upon you has gently cradled you, and prompted you, especially in your darkest days The fabric that makes up your old garment is filled with your tears and your heartache, your deepest sorrow, pain, and betrayal, and your garments resemble the one I wore as I walked the narrow and terribly lonely road to Calvary's cross. Your fleshly garments that are torn and tattered, blood-stained and filthy from the scars of life in a cursed realm, will very, very soon be replaced with your heavenly garments made of the finest and the most pure material, without spot or wrinkle, because it's fashioned from your Kings own heart. I am releasing new revelation to you, as the mystery's that were sealed will now be opened to the wise virgins who's midnight hour has come. Knowledge and Wisdom from On High will pour out on the humble and lowly of heart. A great peace will now manifest in the hearts of My set-apart ones as you come to Me daily, and when's as you come to me daily. Enter now into my Bridal chamber and allow Me to finish the good work I have begun in you. I will complete the refining process and then very specifically with great car and great attention to detail, I will custom fit and taylor your new garment, as my Blood, Sweat, and Tears given by My Sacrifice on the cross, and the Victory won, mingle with your blood, sweat, and tears of this life, and you are transformed and glorified before your King and His Majesty. You will radiate beauty, love, and purity as a reflection of Your King. Many in the unseen await your obedience to the call, and will assist you as it has been purposed. Truly the world has not yet seen what I am about to do...My manifestations in my bride. Praise Me and exalt Me, honor your King & Mashiach, as I am about to demonstrate great power and authority to my anointed ones, and many many hurts when awakened to the great truth of who I Am. Come before me, and prepare your hearts and your vessels for this new wine I will pour out. The last work will be done even in your DNA, bringing every fiber in your being back into harmony with you Creator. I am making all things new and it begins and my bride.

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