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The Huge Boa Constrictor And The Two Sheep Dream - Jennifer on our team


I dreamed that an enormous Boa constrictor was slowly encircling two sheep.

Next scene: One of the sheep was gone but the other one was now wrapped up in the snake with its eyes open. It was not moving, and the snake had its head up toward it looking at it and it was sqeezing the sheep slowly to death.


Note from Kathy: This is a PERFECT description of what's happening right now!! Ridiculously evident on youtube and other platforms! I just emailed a brother this morning who wanted to make sure we know yet ANOTHER prophetic sister is believing the LIE of the enemy that the CV vax is not the mark - thinking its "God telling her" - and not understanding its a DECEPTION and the VOICE OF THE ENEMY!! I was telling him this sick and twisted deception is seeping all thru the youtube channels of even "elect" children are being deceived!! "The BOA" is going after the "SHEEP" and THEY BETTER WAKE UP FAST!!!!! SO nuts.

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