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Many of my children are crying out to me in this last hour. I hear you. I know you are longing to be with me where I AM in the place I have prepared for you. The enemy pursues you without respite and the cries of my flock pierce my heart with love and mercy. I have listened. I have answered. Many of you are crying to me that you are being mocked and thought ” crazy and mad” as the enemy roars with laughter at you. Take heart and rest in me. Know that it is I whom am mocked and roared at by the enemy. Know this too….I AM NOT mocked. A man. A nation reaps what is sown. Rejoice and share my cup of bitter suffering in love with me. It is I whom has placed it to your lips. Gall. Delight in that it shall in the twinkling of an eye, milk, honey and GLORY.

I have warned and warned America…and warned again that total devastation is here. It is happening now yet so few have eyes to see and ears to hear. Blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for they hear. Great is your reward. I AM a good GOD. A good shepherd. I have shielded the eyes from what I desire ye not see. I have done all I have promised you. All that is written in my word. Fulfilled. The earth is in terrible shape, gross darkeness. Iniquity abounds and lawlessness is as rampant as a field fire.

Few walk in my spirit and my truth. Few know me. Few seek me. How I grieve. I knew this from the beginning. I knew this when I entered Gethsemane. I wept then. I weep today. I wept for this reason that is before man today. Very few would receive of my gift despite my severe suffering. Man would fall completely away from me and become completely indifferent. Flesh would rise up against me and I would bear witness to just how far man would fall, unto the pit. Immortality is at full. Man’s kingdom is paraded before me as a taunt. My kingdom is not of this world. The world hates me. Friendship with the world is enmity with me…. GOD.

Oh mankind how you grieve the Holy one. The son of man so. My own are asking why many are receiving messages that I AM wrathful and full of rebuke in this final hour. Beloved soul whom loves me …I AM wrathful at the sin and the pride of man. I AM weary and longing to deliver. I AM justice. The nation of America has REJECTED me and I weep. I have wept and ocean of tears. Sorrow and pain. I have bore it all. My sorrow has birthed my wrath. I AM long suffering. I will no man to perish but repent and live.

In my mercy I have answered prayers for those of lost loved ones and those with hearts of stone. Trust me. I AM weary. I AM in severe pain as a travailing woman. The battle rages and is won. Take heart all whom love me. Take heart. I have overcome the world. So have you. There is good for all who love me… GOD.

The hour of fire is here. Trust me. As I send the fire I rejoice in the souls whom through the final blast shall be set free and caught up in my presence to receive eternal life. Crowned. Fear not. Pray. Watch and rest in me. Know that my wedding is prepared and ready. Watch for me for the know not the hour I come. Many are asleep and shall awaken to the fire blast as the sky pours fire. I desire to live among you as GOD and as a man. I AM HOLY. Be HOLY. Without holiness no man shall see me. I AM purifying man and earth alike. I will reap the harvest I suffered and died for. My blood is enough. My grace sufficient. I AM that I AM. All things new. Rejoice for the kingdom of heaven has come. Rise up. Walk. Live. GLORY. I have loved you with an everlasting love. With kindness have I drawn thee. Expect me.


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