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The End Time Anointing – Watchman333

November 2, 2021 8:03 PM Watchman333

Message Received: 10/21/2021

I received this message a few weeks ago but felt prompted twice to release the entire message. This message is directed to those servants and army soldiers who have been chosen to receive the end time anointing for this unprecedented season we are about to see. I believe those are the remnant harvesters, but I am not confident. Please take this message to the Lord for confirmation.

A new move of My Spirit is coming, and you have been empowered for these times, you have been empowered with the end time anointing, and the end time anointing is not just to heal people, it is not just to bring people out of sickness to life, people dead, people without limbs and arms and legs. With the end time anointing you will see that legs will grow out, arms will grow out in this time. People will see that and there will be signs in the earth and signs in heaven of what is coming to this earth, and it will shock the nation with that move of My Spirit. But you have to be strong, because something is coming really soon, and it is going to be shaking many, many of the churches. Many of the churches will be shaken. Many of the places, many of the Christians will be shaken. Lukewarm Christians will be shaken because of this event that is going happen that affect all. And all the eyes will look and see, and say How did this happen? How is this possible? They are in unbelieve, they cannot believe that this happened in this nation, but it will happen, and it will be an awakening for many people that have been sleeping for a long time. Even in the churches where they sit Sunday after Sunday, and they are not receiving anything, and they have become lukewarm. They have become passive about what they hear about My Word, or what they hear about what is going to happen. They do not totally believe what I say to them, but there will be an awakening. There will be a thing that I consider. There will be like a shaking, shaking, shaking. And they will say “oh it is a tragedy”. It is not a tragedy. It is a shaking. But I have created in every one of you, that I have deposited the end time anointing over you, that end time anointing has created a Goshen for your family, for your house, and you walk with that Goshen anointing that is coming with the end time anointing. You walk and you will not be affected by the things that happen, by the things that are coming, by the fire, by the wire, by the shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking. You will be walking firm knowing that I AM in control. That I have not lost control. Even in this nation when they see all the things that happen, when they see all the things that are coming out of the mouths of the liars, out of the mouths of the deceivers, out of the mouths of the ones who are only looking for their own gain and their own purpose. But they will know that their own purpose and their own lies and deceptions will not work in these times. Because I only work with the people that I have put upon the end time anointing. When you hear about the end time anointing (you will know) I am pouring out the end time anointing. The end time anointing is not just for miracles, it is not just for salvation, it is not just for the harvest. This end time anointing is for protection, that will protect you, that will shield you, to shield you, to create a Goshen on you. No longer will they come and attack you or your house. No longer the enemy be able to cross over the boundaries that I set, because I set boundaries and I set parameters that the enemy cannot cross. That is stop time for him, to cross over to my people, because my people have come to the point where they operate in the end time anointing. He is afraid of the end time anointing. He is afraid of people walking with such an anointing that they will be walking in the middle of the storm, walking in the middle of the enemy, and the enemy will open the way, like the red sea opened so the people of Israel could cross over the red sea. And they rejoiced because God opened the red sea. In the same manner the enemy will open, open, open, open. You will walk with such a protection of the end time anointing. Protect that anointing. Protect my Voice. Protect your relationship with My Holy Spirit because it is My Spirit that brings you the end time anointing. Walk with me. Hear My Voice. Obey My Voice. Be obedient to what I say to you. When I say Do THIS don’t question what I say because your ear hears me perfectly, perfect to hear my Voice. Even the things that I say to you will not make sense, but if you know it is Me speaking to you, then you will do it without questioning, without doubt. Just obey my Voice. Obey My Commandment. And you will walk in the protection that I want for you to walk. Says the Lord.

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