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The Children Vanished From School To Go With Jesus - Jose (on the team)

Dream From The Lord Through Jose On Our Team:

I am an Elementary physical education teacher. Last year I had a dream where the Lord revealed to me The Escape of the Innocents. In the dream, I was in a class teaching the kids. I had them up against the end of the basketball court waiting for directions and instructions. But rather than have them sit down (like I would do if I was awake) they were in little cells - almost like bunk beds - or cubbies stacked up. I told them “Okay hang on a second. I'm going to grab the floor hockey stuff and then we can get started.” I go into the store area for what seemed like just a second and when I turned around - they were gone. Vanished. Immediately, I knew the Lord had taken them. I ran into the office to tell the principal and staff there. When I told them that Jesus is coming and that kids were gone they weren't interested in hearing it. They were too busy doing their jobs (representing foolish virgins who are not ready to meet the Lord) but stuck in the world. End of dream.

NOTE FROM KATHY: He is teaching floor hockey as we speak. ;)

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