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STRONG Prophetic Word/Word of Knowledge/& Revelatory Understanding from The Lord Through Kathy

KATHY: Yesterday this is what I received as soon as I woke up in the morning.....


I was reminded in the spirit that today is 666 – 222 = 6/12/22

“The world is spiraling down a rabbit hole faster than you can blink. Nothing is as it seems. The lies permeate the atmosphere. No one is seeing the holes in time that the enemy has drilled throughout the ages. I am a God of order, “Now is the judgment of this world; now will the ruler of this world be cast out” (John 12:31) . I have allowed him a place to move on this earth because of man's sin, but its time for My FULL JUDGEMENT to fall on the enemy and this wicked generation.

My children, you have seen the reward of the wicked coming for a very long time, you don't understand that Psalm 91 was for ALL TIME...since the Garden of Eden...until NOW.

It's the same old story...satan believes...and he falls. The mark of the beast has been out for 2 ½ years...time, times, and half a time, and so many have fallen for the lie and have chosen perdition.

You ponder, My daughter, how there are so many things that you still don't understand, call on Me and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not.

Confusion is the name of the game for the enemy at this time, and where there is confusion, there is every evil work. My Love transcends all time and space. It is through My LOVE that you will be able to maneuver through this confusion. The timelines HAVE indeed converged, but many do not understand what this means. I have forced all together at this time, in order that My Judgments be witnessed by ALL TIME. You will begin to witness things happening in other dimensions, like never before. The dimensional walls are paper thin now, and transparent, and this is how the enemy will work his lying signs and wonders. You will see signs in the sun, moon, and stars that will cause distress ( anguish, anxiety) and perplexity (anxiety, doubt) among the peoples of the world. (Luke 21:25)”


The Lord then showed me a visions of the Nephilim giants reappearing within this dimensional convergence. He also reminded me that there are brothers and sisters in The Lord who have studied the giants, and they found out that ancient American Indians in the southwestern U.S. used to do satanic rituals to bring in the giants from other dimensions, then the giant would appear and kill them. I also heard, from The Holy Spirit, that FEAR is the biggest temptation tool the enemy is using right now to fool as many of God's people as he can before Jesus comes back. Its his weapon to get them to open doors and give him the legal right to move in on them. And The Lord showed me a giant standing in another dimension, just on the other side of the dimensional wall, and a crowd was on the other side. The moment a person – begins to walk in fear (disobedience to God), instead of trusting Jesus (obedience to The Word “Fear Not”), they have opened the door to the enemy, and it literally gives the legal right for the Nephilim giant to come through that wall to their dimension and wreak havoc.

He also began to show me a flash of the first fruits moving around in time even now. They're able to move anywhere, inside & outside of time, and back and forth through the past and the future. He then began to make me aware of myself at different moments of my life. And I saw a flash of seeing myself at another time. I believe that was while I'm outside of time. But I also have a knowing that because the timelines/dimensions are converged, and the walls are so thin, while outside of time, there are moments that we get a flash of ourselves in the other dimension, we may or may not even realize it.

A Few links I looked up to show it truly HAS been 2 1/2 years since the mark was announced - they began "developing" it in January 2020 - which of course was a LIE because they had this stuff developed YEARS before that in preparation for release of the mark of the beast.:

Rev 6:2 (White horse/first seal/lying medical field (white horse) & pharmakiea/witchcraft mark of the beast)

Coronavirus was "first spotted" in Oct/November-ish 2019 - by January they announced they would be "developing" the CV Vax (the mark) in January 2020. Whether there were clinical trials yet nor not - this is why it is 2 1/2 years since the announcement of the mark of the beast.

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