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Some Exciting Encouraging Little Confirmations & Puzzle Pieces that...JESUS IS COMING!! 🥰🙌❤️‍🔥

Updated: Sep 4, 2023



MORE 8's!!!

The 8's just keep comin guys!!

Regarding 100% being Transfigured BEFORE AUGUST 20TH 2023!!

Ok, so The Lord had confirmed over and over that HE WILL Transfigure and Transform the Firstfruits BEFORE August 20th 2023. You might say, "But how? It's already passed?" If you watched the video below, you will see the scriptures from Enoch that confirm that the earth and time, in relation to the heavenlies and the luminaries, will be upside down and backwards!! He already told us He stopped time on December 31st 2021 at 11:59pm, when He stopped HIS sun and moon just like Joshua stopped them in the Bible!! Here is the video we did below on what is happening with the black hole/worm hole as we speak:

Just click on the picture for either video below and it will take you right to it!

The Lord has shown us that as the earth proceeds going down inside the black hole that is enveloping right now, the closer we get to the worm hole section in the middle, between the 2 black holes on each end, time will warp and merge together, and nothing will be as it was. We've also done videos explaining the timelines, and that this reality will mix with timelines that are a little behind, but also timelines that are a little ahead of us. This is what will cause us to go BACK in time to August (2023), BEFORE the 20th, and Firstfruits WILL transfigure & transform!


Below is the drawing The Lord led me to draw a couple of days ago. The spagetti represents ALL of the separate dimensional timelines that exist right now. This includes everything that makes up the multidimensional earth (each part has its own timeline). It also includes the entire multidimensional universe (the sun, moon, stars, planets - EACH one has its OWN timeline, which is confirmed in Enoch when it describes the sun and moon moving in their "own chariot". The Lord solidly confirmed that YES the "chariot" represents it's own timeline!! AMAZING! The "spagetti" of dimensional timelines also includes EVERY fragmented piece of EVERY heart of EVERY person on the earth (that happened through any type of trauma or abuse), and the ONLY way for them to be "pulled out" of that mess of spagetti timelines is by receiving heart healing from Jesus! AMEN!! The last part of what makes up that "spagetti" is every timeline that was formed by every person who either chose to go through the wrong door and go back in time...or by those coerced or forced to go back in time through satanic ritual abuse of any kind. (keep in mind this is a VERY general explanation of that just to help you grasp what I'm saying, there are many ways man has listened to the enemy and created other dimensional timelines.

Now He gave me a dream the other day where, in relation to the spagetti timelines, I heard that "the holes in the strainer" represent all of the portals to all of the dimensional timelines. And when I woke up I had the knowing that He wanted me to make a strainer below the spagetti in this picture to illustrate this. (Guys, I am telling you I could not come up with this stuff myself!! And always know - we never share anything with you unless we have gotten the confirmations through the written Word, the Rhema Word, and the Body of Christ. Amen & Amen. But, as always, you all need to take this to The Lord in prayer for your own confirmations.)


When we sought him last week on this, after August 20th, and The Lord gave Jennifer 2 Words. First He said, "My Word WILL SURELY Come to pass."....then He said......"Sit back.....and watch what I am about to do." WOW!! What POWERFUL WORDS!! HALLELUJAH!! COME ON JESUS!!!


Ok so in regard to all those confirmations The Lord had given us for August 8th - I will share our other post below - listen to all these NEW confirmations in the last week, The Lord has just continued - over and over - to confirm August 8th in EVERY WAY! It has been TRULY AMAZING!! Let me share with you what He has shown us!!

So we know He has made it abundantly clear it WILL happen in August...OF...the "illusionary" 2023 - the year the enemy wants everybody to "think" it is. So here is everything we've gotten so far!


AUGUST 8th 2023

AUGUST 14th, 15th, & 16th


In relation to AUGUST 8TH that Jesus has FULLY confirmed:

August -- 8th month -- 8th day --> 88 !!!

For quite some time, we have gotten these numbers below. But only recently, in the last couple of weeks, the Lord has been emphasizing how the number 8 represents "Infinity", and Jennifer also got the words “Double Infinity” in regard to 88!! Of course in relation to Jesus coming for His bride and everything we are discussing here.




OK, now, so as we all know, the month of August goes back to the Roman Emperor Augustus. We won't go into all the details about him, we're just going to list all of the amazing confirmations for August 8th that we got From the Lord in regard to him!


Augustus was BORN with the name OCTAVIUS..."OCT" MEANS *8* !!

*Augustus was adopted IN "44 BC" -> 4+4 = 8 !!

They named the "8th" month August in 8 BC!! --> 88!!


Last week The Lord also gave us the number 401 through Jennifer who had a dream!

And then she passed it to Allyson to break down and help us to know the message from The Lord:

And as you know, Allison has the gift of understanding numbers as the Lord leads her period she knew right away that 401 represented Alef Tav (Hebrew Letter), because each letter in the Hebrew alphabet represents a number, it has a value. It's demonstrated in the picture below...

Allyson also shows how 401...the Hebrew letter value of *Alef Tav* which is a picture

meaning of Jesus on the Cross....the Hebrew word for *8*/Eight is "Shemoneh - which also has the same value of 401 when spelled with the Vav. Since their values are the same that typically means there is a connection between the two words.

AND - of course we know the Maui Fires happened on AUGUST 8TH! Here's what The Lord has shown us about these fires!

Maui fires happened on 8/8 --> 88

Hawaii area code is 808 --> 88 !!

That Hawaii area code was established on an AUGUST 8TH - 8/8 --> 88 !!!


ADDING THIS!!! I should have added this 2 weeks ago - I had forgotten our wonderful sister in Jesus, Cheryl, sent it to me!! So here it is!!

"Oh Kathy so wonderfully exciting

Look at other definitions of 888 below "

[to go up, ascend]

Strong's Hebrew: 5927. עָלָה (alah) -- to go up, ascend, climb ... מִן ־ NAS: cows came up after KJV: kine came up after them INT: cows other came after from 888 Occurrences Strong's Hebrew 5927 888 Occurrences a al ḵā — 1 Occ. a ă leh — 8 Occ. ā ...

[an ephah/measure of grain] Also referring to a portion (of first fruits offering) Strong's Hebrew: 374. אֵיפָה (ephah) -- an ephah (a measure of grain) ... 330 & especially NöZMG 1886, 739 LagBN 68; compare also Wetzst in DePsalmen, ed. 4, p. 888 and others see also אנשׁ, אֱנוֺשׁ) . Strong's Exhaustive Concordance ephah, divers measures Or (shortened) ephah ...



Also - we DID get confirmation that the Northern Lights/Arora Borealis WILL happen

before Transfiguration & the 3 Days of Darkness as our heads up!!

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