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Running into the Storm – Brian

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

November 9, 2021 5:24 AM Brian

I am no prophet and I know Jesus came here in the flesh, I'm a believer and am here for Gods purpose. God gave me a vision a while ago, I was walking in a pasture and praying when I dropped to my knees and with my eyes closed I saw, I was in a very bright area standing in a long row of others dressed in white. I didn't see the others but knew they were there. We all were waiting and looking straight ahead at a very threatening dark storm with red lightning. I knew that God was behind and above us all. It is as though we waited for Gods command to charge forward. I knew the outcome and knew exactly what was to happen. Zero fear but a knowing as to what was to happen like nothing I've ever known. God said go and the entire row of people charged forward to the dark storm. As all of us ran forward at full speed toward the storm I knew to devastate and completely destroy all within the dark storm. As all of us ran with no fear to destroy the evil in the dark cloud the armor of God flew upon us as we ran to battle and destroy that evil. I have never known such a sure feeling of an outcome in my life ! My focus was nothing but to completely destroy the evil dark storm . No other thought was in my mind but that. Such clarity in what was to be done. The vision was the clearest and most understood that can ever be known. This was the one time in my life I fully understood what to do. I’m telling you this because I must. I’m praying someone chosen by God can tell me more about this vision. Thank you brothers and sisters .


NOTE FROM KATHY: I was SO excited to read this! It was very reminiscent of my vision from close to 3 years ago! I also had 2 other visions with it about the Wall Of Color! Here's the link below!!

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