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Revival, Civil War, EMP, Forced Everyone Into City

August 23, 2021 1:13 AM Dreamer of Prophetic Dreams

I have had three identical dreams about revival in the U.S. The first time I dreamed this dream was perhaps 40 years ago. After a number of years I dreamed the same dream again. Several years later I dreamed it a third time.

In these identical dreams I saw only the part of the United States that lies north of the Gulf of Mexico, extending to the southern edge of the Great Lakes and the area from the Appalachian Mountains to the edge of the Rockies. The western part of the Appalachians were visible and were included in this dream, but none of the Rocky Mountains. I had the feeling that the parts of the U.S. that I did not see had had something bad happen to them, possibly war and invasion by an enemy nation. Within the area that I could see, the various counties were marked by their boundary lines, though none of them were named. The major rivers were on the map, though again none of them were named. Counties that were colored black were counties where the revival had hit strong. Counties that were colored white had had virtually no response to the revival. The third kind of counties were those that had accepted the revival but not in a major way. Those counties were colored gray. The counties in the Appalachian Mountains were mainly colored black, as were the counties in north Georgia, northern Alabama, northern Mississippi, and from there north into Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. The southern and much of the central parts of the last three named states, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, were colored black. Tennessee and Kentucky were almost entirely black except for Memphis, where the revival had had little impact. I do not recall what the area from the Mississippi River to a short distance from the edge of the Rockies looked like. It was not black, that much I remember.

Over much the same time frame, a period of some 40 years, I also had three identical dreams about civil war in the U.S. In this dream I saw armed men, both National Guard and men without uniforms, but carrying rifles, marching thru the streets of a large city in Texas. They were going somewhere to fight the forces of the U.S. government. Trains, buses, trucks and cars were waiting to carry them to the front. As they marched thru the streets of this large city in Texas, crowds lined the streets to show their support. There was not much cheering, some but not much. The people seemed sad. I had the feeling that the people watching felt that it was necessary to fight, but that they greatly regretted it.

I had another series of three identical dreams in which there had obviously been a war in which part of the U.S. had been attacked with EMPs. Much of the southwestern U.S, stretching far to the north of Arizona and New Mexico, had apparently been hit hard in the attack by an EMP. A shadow government had been set up in part of that area by people who had moved there from Mexico. I saw men without uniforms, but armed, resting around trucks and cars to old to have been affected by the EMP. Along a road coming from the east I saw an armored vehicle coming. A column of U.S. soldiers marched behind it. The nondescript soldiers who appeared to be Mexican and who wore no uniforms rushed to the road to stop the vehicle. The top of the armored car opened and a young woman stuck her head out. She demanded that they stand aside and let her and the men under her command thru. She said they represented the U.S. government. The leader of the Mexicans refused. He told her that they represented the new government of the area she was trying to enter. After some arguing, the young woman gave an order to the soldiers she commanded. They reversed course and led by her armored car, they went back the way they had come.

Yet another series of three identical dreams, again over a period of a number of years, showed that the government of the U.S. told the American people to leave their homes, towns and farms and move to certain designated cities. To force them to go, there was a contrived, that is a pretend gas shortage. What gas there was was rationed. This caused a food shortage, which it was meant to cause. Everyone was told that the government would provide them with food. However, because of the gas shortage, the food would only be distributed at certain designated cities. As there was not enough of the rationed gas for people to travel any distance from their homes, everyone was ordered to move “voluntarily and temporarily” to one of those cities. In the dreams I saw long lines of vehicles waiting to enter those cities. Each vehicle was searched for guns before being allowed to enter the city to which it had come. Those searching the vehicles wore uniforms, but God did not allow me to know anything about those uniforms. I could not even see their color. God did tell me that though those coming to the cities were told that their being there would only be “temporary and voluntarily,” that actually the government planned to keep everyone there. Later, I saw soldiers marching on back country roads. They were looking for holdouts, people who had not come to the designated cities as they had been ordered too. I watched as soldiers marched right by a little Christian community. The people in the community came out to watch the soldiers who were looking for them as they marched by. Some of the Christians were so close to the soldiers that they could have reached out with their hand and touched the soldiers. In spite of being so close to the Christians, the soldiers could not see them and marched right by them.

Thank you.

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