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October 12th, 2021 (5:10am – 5:50am)

“My Children, I need you to know that darkness is not what you should look forward to. There is more coming that darkness has no part in. (Where)There is no wickedness, no sin, no evil. There is joy, peace, tranquility, fellowship with Me and your brethren in wholesome love and righteousness.

I Am coming to bring true peace you have all wanted; for I Am the One who can give you true peace. There is so much prepared for you, My Children, so much for you to inherit as it was in the beginning, as it should have been. I Am bringing about the restoration of all things. Your eyes should be on Me and all that I represent. I Am your Joy and your True Peace. I Am the fullness that fills all in all.”

(I was then asked to turn to John 2:15-17; then He continued)

“The cleansing of My House on a greater scale is coming. All who will hear should hear. This is not the time to be stuck in man’s doctrines that is not of Me. If you say you love Me, you will keep My words; you will obey My Commandments. You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free from all the lies and deceits of the enemy of your soul.

Turn now and know the Truth. It is not hidden from you. It has always been with you. It is (the Truth) your only Way to the Father. Come to Me. I call you to come. Seek Me and you will find Me. Seek Me with all your heart. I dwell with him who is humble and of a contrite spirit, who trembles at My Word. I Am calling you now. Come, before it is too late. Return to Me; repent and I will receive you.

Your Saviour, Yahushua Ha Mashiach I love you. I will always do.

Scriptures: Psalm 51:17; Isaiah 66:2, 60:18-23; Rev 22:3, 17; Eph 1:23; John 2:15-17, 8: 31-32, 14:6; Matt 7:7-8, 11:28-30; Jer 29:13-14a.


On September 17th, during fellowship, I heard this word spoken clearly and loudly in my spirit “RESTORATION!”

The scriptures and word I received that morning before the above declaration is given below, plus a short vision that followed it.

2Kings 8:1-6 (The return of the woman from Shunem, whose son Elisha raised from the dead, after seven years of famine in the land of Israel. The king of Israel restored her property and all that her land produced while she was away.) Please read it.

Word. “I Am coming! You all are ready. It might not seem so but you are. It is I who makes you complete. I Am coming, Child. I will not delay. Do not lose hope. Do not look at the works of the enemy. Focus on Me. His ways are distractions; there is nothing solid with him; illusions, falsehood, deceits.”

The vision. [I see a Bride, fully dressed in a white beautiful dress with a veil on. She is sitting on the ground, head bowed and waiting (that was the impression I got) like behind the curtain or behind the scene. She is expecting someone or something. Then I heard a voice day, ” You are beautiful!”] @5:38am, Sept 17. defined Restoration as; * The act of restoring: renewal, revival, reestablishment. * A return of something to a former, original, normal or unimpaired condition. * Restitution of something taken away or lost. * The action of returning something to a former owner, place or condition.

Let’s us remain steadfast. The LORD said to keep our eyes on Him. In life or in (physical) death, we belong to Him for ever.

May God Almighty, Yahushua our King of Glory and Ruach Ha Kodesh keep us all in perfect peace. Amen.

Until He comes.. Yours in Christ CCM.

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