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Recent Prophetic Dreams From Jennifer On The Team About First Fruits Transfiguration & The Harvest

***We will just share the dream, and you all and look to The Lord on them. We have gotten “some” interpretation for each, but not all. But each of these are very cleary speaking of what is about to happen! :)


(about The Harvest)

In this dream I was at a table having supper with 4 other people. The table I remember was set with a white table cloth. At the head of the table was an elderly oriental man. I sat on side of table with a man on my left side. Across from us on other side of the table were two women. We had a certain amount of time to eat. We had prayer before eating and then while we were eating one of the women started a song about The Harvesters. I was moved almost to tears and sang The Harvesters but not the whole song like the woman did. When she was finished singing, I said, That was beautiful. Then we were told it is time to go. I raked some crumbs into my plate that had fallen on the table and took a quick sip of wine . The man beside pulled my chair out for me and we had to be finished for whatever and I woke up.


(about Transfiguration)

Dream: I was traveling on a calm river, moving along forward on this river. The river then turns into a paved road. As, I continue to be brought down this road, I come to a stacked sandstone colored wall. In the wall, about half way up is an opening, It looks like an open door. Same rectangle shape. As, I am looking at this scene, a shadow walks across the opening. I think in the dream, it is an angel, as the shadow has wings. It crosses in front of door, and disappears out of sight. When the shadow crosses in front of the opening the opening is gone.

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