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Putting Together the Patchwork pt 2 - Christine Beadsworth


Putting Together the Patchwork pt 2

Christine Beadsworth 12th July 2022 This is the second of a 3 part series where the Spirit pulls together revelation from previous years and presents us with a fuller picture of what He is busy doing amongst His people at this time. As I shared previously, the Lord is highlighting certain words released in previous years and stitching them together round a central patchwork piece in order to get a bigger picture of what He is doing in this season. In part 1, I shared that the word from 5778 was identified by the Spirit as being the central patchwork piece, and also spoke about separation according to good or bad fruit. I mentioned an occultic fashion show held within the walls of a church. Recently, as I woke up, the Lord reminded me of another word given in 2021, which expands on the division line God is drawing. He is putting a plumbline in the midst of His people, separating light from darkness within the company of those who name themselves by His Name, and marking those who will be a source of true nourishment in the days ahead. There is a very strong emphasis on separation and distinction amongst the ranks of those who name themselves by His Name. Judgement begins at His house. In South Africa, we are presently experiencing rolling power outages and I am so aware that those who have access to solar power are not affected by the cutting off of the electricity. As you read the word shared below, you will see how God emphasizes that those connected to and flowing in the power of the Son will be those untouched by the removal of man-made power sources – and as all that has its source in the mind and strength of man falls to the ground, those who are the sons of God will arise and shine with the light and power found only by plugging in to the throne of God Himself.


Sudden Outage, Short Supply (first released 14th June 2021)


For me, it's very intriguing journey. When you're prophetic and things happen in your life, the Lord uses them to speak to you. And this is always the case with me. So, on the 23rd of May 2021, we were having a family gathering and I had to go into the garage for something and discovered that, at some point unbeknown to me, the electricity had tripped and the power was off. And in that garage, I had two freezers full of frozen food. I had no idea how long the power had been off at that point, but when I opened them, the smell was quite something. So long story short, I had to throw away kilograms and kilograms of frozen meat, fish, chicken, etc. It was worth a lot of money and I had to empty those freezers completely, both of them, and the only thing which I could save out of both those freezers was a block of butter, a bag of non-GMO wheat grains and a packet of frozen pastry (which is obviously no longer frozen, but which could still be used). So, it was quite a frustrating episode because I had been stocking up on food for quite a while... Anyway, later on that day, I was lying on my bed pondering about this and saying, "Lord, what is the significance of this whole thing? Are you trying to say something?" and He brought my attention to the things that had survived the electricity being switched off –a block of butter, the bag of non-GMO wheat grains and a packet of pastry. And He said to me that these two freezers represented His house, His people. And that at some point, without warning, He was going to be removing his power and His presence from their midst – and they would not realize it for quite some time. And the only source of nourishment after the removal of His power would be from those who had power within themselves; life within themselves. Now, if you look at the 3 surviving articles, the non-GMO grain refers to those who have not had themselves jabbed. They are not genetically modified wheat. They are pure wheat grains with the DNA that God gave them. They will be a source of nourishment. The butter connected me to Isaiah 7:14,15. 'Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign. Behold, a virgin will conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel; God with us. Butter and honey shall he eat that he may know how to refuse the evil and choose the good.' So, we see that the diet of this manchild – the son, is butter and honey. Butter is made from cream, which is the fat of the milk, and it is then churned, which speaks of studying to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. It's not just drinking a glass of milk and then regurgitating it to others. Butter is what is made by sitting and digesting and churning the best part of the milk of the Word. The fat always belonged to God in the sacrifices and butter is made from the fat of milk. So, this is butter really represents the words of the Lord well studied to get the maximum nourishment out of them. Honey, of course, speaks of revelation, because the Word tells us that honey brightens or enlightens the eyes. So once God has removed His power from the midst of those who name themselves by His Name, it's going to be discovered at some point that 98 percent of what is available as meat or food among the organized system of the people of God actually has no life within itself and is decayed and not good to eat. Remember that any word that is breathed by God has life in itself, and even if God spoke it in 1960 and you hear it in the year 2000, it still ministers life. It still speaks because God's breath has resurrection life in it and therefore it cannot die. So, all the food that went rotten, all the meat, all the chicken and the fish is a picture of all the spiritual food that is available in the Body of Christ that does not have the breath or life of God in it. Whereas the butter did not go off; it was perfectly fine because it is from made from the cream of the pure milk of the Word and it has life in it. The non-GMO grain in similar fashion was completely unmarred by the removal of power because it has life within itself and the pastry is made from butter and flour. So, the pastry represents that which is prepared from the butter and the non-GMO grain, further prepared and passed through the fire to make it palatable. So, the butter is what the manchild eats. And the butter and the honey of revelation is fed to the manchild in order that he may know to refuse the evil – to flee from evil, and to choose that which is good. In other words, the butter and the honey equip the manchild to discern between good and evil. There is another mention of the word, butter further down in Isaiah 7:20. It speaks of the coming of the king of Assyria with great humiliation and shame upon God's people. It speaks of the using of the razor, shaving the head and shaving the beard. That was a really shameful thing to happen to an adult Jewish man. The removal of the hair signifies slavery. ‘And it shall come to pass in that day that a man shall nourish a young cow (or a young heifer) and two sheep, and it shall come to pass for the abundance of the milk that they shall give him and he shall eat butter for butter and honey shall everyone eat that is left in the land.’ Isaiah 7:21 So. it's referring in Isaiah 7:20-22 to an enemy onslaught that severely shames, humiliates and whittles down the people of God, so that in the end the diet becomes butter and honey for the remnant that is left in the land. Now the young heifer is quite an interesting reference because in the passage about Samson, he was betrothed to a woman and then she got taken away, and he speaks of another man ploughing with his heifer. So, the word 'heifer' seemed to refer to the woman that he was betrothed to. So, I'm looking at Isaiah 7:21 and I'm getting the sense that this 'man' is those who are in mature manhood – possibly part of the manchild, who will nourish the young heifer; the bride of Christ. And the two sheep representing the Lord's true sheep, and they will be fed by the butter and the honey. There's also a scripture in Job which speaks of butter. Before his terrible trial season. Joe says that his steps were bathed in butter. In other words, he walked in the very cream of the milk of the Word from the mouth of the Lord – God's word lubricated and made his way smooth. And of course, any form of oil speaks of anointing. Then I want to just go back to what I referred to God removing his power from the midst of His people. Some people would say, "Oh, that's completely impossible. God would never do that". However, in AD 66, halfway through the year and three and a half years before the temple was destroyed in AD70, it's documented in historic documents, both in Josephus and others, that the presence of God lifted up from between the cherubim in the Holy of Holies and a voice was heard saying, "Let us get out of here," and with a great sound of many chariots, the presence of God moved out of the Holy of Holies in the temple, left the temple and went and resided upon the top of the Mount of Olives. And it remained there for three and a half years... And a voice was heard, which is recorded and documented historically, a voice was heard saying, "Return to Me!" for three and a half years. Now, during that three and a half years, the city of Jerusalem was surrounded by its enemies; they laid siege against Jerusalem, and at that point, God's presence left the Holy of Holies and went to Mount Olives. And then in AD70, the temple was completely destroyed, as Jesus had prophesied. But in spite of the presence of God having left the temple, the priests that functioned in the temple carried on with their daily duties as if nothing had happened. In fact, most people in that city were completely unaware that God's presence wasn't in the Holy of Holies – in the same way as when Jesus was on the cross and died and the temple curtain was torn in two, everyone thought that the Ark of the Covenant was in the Holy of Holies, but in actual fact, it was not there. So when the Temple Curtain tore; when that veil tore, it was revealed that the presence of God was not in that temple any longer. And who knew how long it had not been there? The reason why I'm saying this is because in the case of my two freezers in the garage, the power tripped and was removed from them at a time unknown to me. I had no idea... I carried on with my life; I had no idea that there was no power in the garage. We don't often go in there and switch on the light. And so that power was removed from those fridges without me being aware of it – in the same way as the ark of the covenant was removed from the temple without the people being aware of it in the years before Jesus died, and again in the time of AD 66, God's presence moved out. Only the priests knew, not the people who came and did their sacrifices for sin at the temple. In the same way, God said to me that He's going to remove His power and his presence from the midst of many of those who name themselves by His name, and they will not even be aware of it for a while. And by the time it's discovered that there is no power, (I suspect it is connected to Isaiah 7:20 when the enemy comes in and rampages) everything that is provided as food actually is defiled and is not good to be consumed. This includes a vast proportion of what is currently touted as prophetic ministry. It will be too late to save a large percentage of it/ It is only good to be discarded as it reeks of decay - and then it shall be the case that those that are hungry will eat of the butter and be fed by the non GMO grain or wheat. In other words, the remnant will be the source of true spiritual food, not the organized church system. We will value and treasure the words of His mouth more than our necessary food (Job 23:12) Just like the manchild in Isaiah 7:15, God will be in the midst of the manchild, 'Emmanuel' – that is what they will be known as: 'The Manchild company; the ones in whom God is in the midst'. And they will have butter and the honey of revelation to feed the people of God. I wasn't going to share this, but suddenly the Holy Spirit is highlighting it again. Do you remember when David fled from Absolom? Because he had usurped throne, he had claimed the throne, and there was an assignment put on David's head. And so the household of the king had to flee to the Jordan, and I've spoken many times about that whole story, how they were warned to cross over before the morning watch because of the death assignment against them. And they crossed over to the other side of the Jordan and they came to a place called Mahanaim. This means 'the place of two armies'. And of course, we know in Song of Songs that it speaks about the bride as being beautiful, like a dance before two armies. But when King David and his household got to Mahanaim, there were three men whom God had raised up to prepare for them. And these men did a very thorough job. They provided beds and basins, wheat and barley, flour, beans and lentils, everything that the household of King David would need. 2 Samuel 17: 29 lists as part of the provisions: '...honey and butter, and sheep and cheese for David and the people that were with him to eat for, they said the people are hungry and weary and thirsty in the wilderness'. And so, as the true Bride of Christ and the true people of God come out of the world's system into the wilderness, and the enemy of God's people is doing his best to wear out the saints, there is a feast and provision for those who are hungry and weary and thirsty in the wilderness. You will be filled with honey and butter, the pure milk of the Word. And there will even be beds for you to lay on. In other words, you will be able to lie down and rest in the presence of the Lord who goes ahead of you and prepares for you. And the manchild company will be used to feed the Bride of Christ during the three and a half years in the wilderness season. So isn't that a wonderful picture hidden in the feeding of the household of King David at Mahanaim, the place of two armies – the armies of heaven and the armies of God on earth, those who are of Him who was born of the house of David, our wonderful Bridegroom. Jesus, the Lord. Amo 8:11 Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord God, when I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but [a famine] for hearing the words of the Lord. Amo 8:12 And [the people] shall wander from sea to sea and from the north even to the east; they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord [inquiring for and requiring it as one requires food], but shall not find it. Postscript: After recording the podcast of this message, the Spirit highlighted to me the exact length of the message, which was 21:51. He prompted me to look up H2151 in the Strongs Concordance. It means 'to shake, to be prodigal, riotous eater, vile' – In other words, to pander to the flesh excessively. The Greek word 2151 means 'to be pious and godly, to worship'. Here we have the qualities of those who have become decayed without God's power and, in contrast, those who carry the resurrection life of God within themselves. The former have the name of being godly but deny the power of it. God speaks of separating the precious from the vile in Jeremiah and when it is done, those who are counted precious will be His mouthpiece. Here we have the manchild who is given the spoken word of God, the NOW word, to share with the people. Jer 15:19 Therefore thus says the Lord: If you return, then I will give you again a settled place of quiet and safety, and you will be My minister; and if you separate the precious from the vile, you shall be My mouthpiece... That butter, non-GMO grain and pastry had been in that freezer for quite some time, unused, waiting. Their time of usefulness came when the power source was removed from the two freezers. Once this had been done, then it was time for these 3 items to come to the fore and be consumed. In the same way, there are those who have been raised on butter and honey who have been in the waiting room, wondering when God will call for them. It is in the days when there is a famine for the true Word of the Lord that this remnant company will be brought to light, standing alone amidst the decay of the religious system and easily identified as those who are trustworthy messengers. You may feel hidden and of not much use to the Kingdom at this point, but in the days ahead when it is obvious in the great ministries of the previous season that all they can offer is death and decay on a plate, then the pure Word of God buried in your heart will feed those hungry and weary in the wilderness. When the great steaks of the famous ministers reek of decay, there will a small remnant in whom is found the breath of the Life of God to nurture the Bride of Christ. Selah

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