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Prepare Ye The Way – Patti Young

NOVEMBER 9, 2021 6:49 PM


The Lord said to me

“The trumpet is about to sound. I AM shall declare it is the beginning and so now shall be the end. The Ark is finished for I AM the ark and I AM the covering over my few, the Righteous. These shall stand in Jerusalem for thou art Israel my beloved. Think it not strange these firey trials, tested in the fires 7 times heated, for these are my chosen ones, my overcomers who endure until the end. My Covenant I keep with my own. Prepare ye the way they shall all cry out. Prepare ye the way, for the Lord God of Israel, the Mighty one who now comes and with him comes his vengeance upon the nations, the lands and the seas against all who have opposed him. The seals are broken, the Bridegroom now comes for his bride.”

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God is rooting out all idols from my heart and having me repent of things I'd completely put out of my mind. I am a last hour harvest worker...called back to the Father at the last moment. My tears of thankfulness flow constantly now for His great mercy. I want nothing else but the Bridegroom now. Been blessed by this ministry over the last couple of months tremendously. See you at the Wedding Feast!!

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GLOOOORY TO GOD, my brother!!! HALLELUJAH!! Thank You JESUS for calling in our brother just in time for The Harvest! Amen & Amen!! And yes, beautiful! Just keep allowing Him to clean out anything in your heart He is working on ok? You're in a "crash course" to finish up the sanctification process! WOW SO EXCITING!! Gloryyyy!! We'll be praying for you my brother!! God bless you and YES & AMEN - we'll see you at the Wedding Feast!!! 🤗😊😀


I believe He will come for His First Fruits on November 19th during the lunar eclipse. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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Thats what we're watching too!! Woohooo!! 🤗

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