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"POSITIONED TO RULE" - A Sister In The Lord

(Note From Kathy: As I began to read this message, immediately The Lord gave me the knowing This IS speaking to the FIRST FRUITS that are about to be Transfigured into their glorified bodies & come back here for the Harvest!! Some of the message I believe is not only an encouragement to us as we are waiting in "the upper room" in these last moments...but also a CALL from Him to KEEP STANDING and ANSWERING HIS CALL to each thing He has called us to accomplish, even now, until we head outside of time! HALLELUJAH!!!)

***A Sister in The Lord:


April 11, 2022

Precision, I am giving you precision. You will blow apart the arsenal of weaponry used against

you. I have equipped you with artillery. Use it to bring down the high places, to level them to the

ground. I am erecting My standard, a standard of love and righteousness. Many will take offense at what I do. Many will be caught off guard Persist in the way outlined to you. Go with the flow of what I am doing. I am calling down the high places and instituting My government in the Earth. What does this government look like you ask? I am instituting those of My choosing into positions of rulership. They shall rule with Me from Heavenly places. The rod of correction is in their hands and they shall bring liberty and justice to those who are under their jurisdiction.

Despise not the day of small beginnings, but run with the mandate to be a light to the lost, to bring correction to those who are in error. Understand that I have appointed My people to release a blessing upon the lives of those in their midst. I have called you to counsel and give leadership. I have positioned you to lead out in the work, to spearhead it, and to cause it to line up with the Father's heart beat. This is a day of change, of great change. I am instituting My government and counsel into the lives of many. These shall be beacons to those around them, shining forth My light, vessels of grace and truth, fervent in love toward Me and those who are Mine.

I will not let up until I have accomplished My purposes. When all looks hopeless, know and understand that I bring hope. I will never leave you or forsake you, but I will confirm and affirm My word to you over and over again till it comes to pass and till you are confident that I, indeed, have heard the cries of your heart and am moving to bring all things into order according to My will and purpose.

I have not called you to be someone's slave, to fit their agenda and man-made plans. I have called you to oversee the work of My kingdom. You are an overseer. I have positioned you, so do not let the comments of others throw you off track. Discern the spirit working behind those who would try to dictate to you what you should be doing. I have had to take My hands off that which appeared to be of Me and I have had to allow the works of the flesh full reign. Soon it will be seen for what it truly is. Yes, I have called you to have warehouses filled with the goods. This is the mandate, to store up the goods, for soon a time will come when they shall be needed. Do not give in to the tricks of those who would cause you to stumble. Stand firm in the revelation and you shall see the outcome. I have entrusted to many the potential to provide for others. I have given you stamina and given you resources untold, still I intend to bless you further, with much more than you could think or ask. I will direct you in all that I have laid out to you. Position yourself to receive the abundance, for it is on its way. I am opening your understanding to see that I have positioned you as a conduit of good gifts, so let Me flow through you uninterruptedly.

Yes, there will be those who will look on and marvel, and those who will become envious, but I am using it as a means by which to measure their hearts. It will expose much, but I will also give ample opportunity for repentance of stored up anger, fear, greed, idolatry and every evil that plagues the heart of man, for I am establishing that which is right and true and eradicating that which does not line up with my purposes. Be assured My beloved that I am doing a good work amongst you, positioning you to govern with authority in My kingdom that will impact multitudes in this day.

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