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"Pangea" As The Lord Has Now Revealed To Us!! AMAZING Revelations & Revelatory Understandings!!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


Hi Everybody!

As we've been telling you on our videos, the revelation that has been flowing from the Lord has been absolutely amazing!!

And this amazing new revelation is no exception!! The Lord has recently brought us to the topic of Antarctica, and a lot of the darkness that has gone on, and still goes on down there. We have learned some of revelatory truths about that place that would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. But, because the evil darkness is so massive, the Lord does not want us to share it here, I'll just leave it at that.

However, one morning a few days ago, I woke up and I was talking to the Lord, and I just felt that He wanted me to look into “Pangea” again. For anyone who's not sure what that means, it is what the places of the land masses originally looked like when God first created the earth. I've studied this several times over the years, but I was never led to really dive in and seek him on anything with it…until now.

So I sat down and began to do a little online sketching, and started with Antarctica because I always knew that South America and Africa fit together, and I knew that South America used to be attached to Antarctica. So I just sort of began there and just continued to look to Jesus.

I knew that South America and Africa were next to each other, everyone knows that has always been very obvious on the world map. And we do know that South America, on the world map used to be connected to the tip of where Antarctica has the point. So I simply started there. So while looking at the world map, I could see under the ocean that there is an area, where the islands are between the tip of Antarctica and the tip of South America, where it looks as if the sea floor has been pushed East in a very quick and strong manner. So I had a knowing in my spirit that it was God, Himself, that separated the two points. But then while looking at that point on Antarctica, I realized that because that separation happened so quickly and in such a strong manner, the point was actually land that ripped off the side of Antarctica at the time of that split. This was confirmed when I got on the phone with Jennifer and we were looking to the Lord together. So once I finished drawing South America next to Africa, and both of the bottom points of each of those continents touches Antarctica, that was when the Lord began to give Jennifer some very very important and amazing words of knowledge in regard to the flood, and how all of the continents separated.

As many people know, God cracked the earth, most likely right down the center of the Atlantic, you can actually see it on Google Maps online if you look at this satellite view. Once He cracked that open, all of the waters that were underneath the land began to immediately rush up…more like 'explode' up onto the earth. At the same time the Lord brought the waters from the heavens, and no…not just rain!! A couple of years ago, while watching a video, the Lord revealed to me, through a sister, that when the water came out of the heavens, it was in a storage house, which was another dimension! When the Bible talks about opening the storehouse, it means that He literally opened portals from another dimension that was above the earth, so that the water would flow out of that dimension! Yes, God actually created a dimension specifically as a storehouse for all of that water to hold until the time of the flood. This is absolute revelatory truth, It has been double, triple, and quadruple confirmed through the body of Christ for this team family. You can take this to the Lord in prayer and ask Him for confirmation. Here is the scripture:

Genesis 7: 11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows (floodgates/portals) of heaven were opened. 12 And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.

So, while this was happening, let's remember what the earth was like. The fallen angels and the Nephilim had taken over everything, they had corrupted all flesh, and they had defiled the earth. The only thing that the Father knew needed to be done was put it to a stop completely. And that He did.

So a couple of days ago when Jennifer and I were walking through this, and she was getting very specific words of knowledge from the Lord in this regard, He first gave her the scripture Genesis 4:16 “Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod on the East of Eden.” And then He explained to her that Antarctica is actually the land of Nod!! This was the place that Cain settled after he was banished, and began to start his own family line!!

Now, if you've watched us for a while, you will know that the Lord also showed us several years ago that there are two seeds on the earth. There is God's seed, through Adam and Eve, and then there is satan's seed, which is through satan and Eve. Oh yes, the first original sin was way more than just 'eating an apple'! But I do not have the time to go into that now, if you would like more information on that pop us over an e-mail at and I will see if I can find the links to some of the videos we've done in the past that explains that part of the Book of Genesis. So, between the books of Genesis, and Jasher, the word of God explains to us that Cain was satan's seed. This is why he killed Abel. But again, if you don't understand that part of the story, you need to send us an e-mail.

Ok, so with that understanding, when Cain was banished, he wandered to the east of Eden, as the map shows, to the Land of Nod, which the Lord revealed to us is actually Antarctica! For many of you I'm sure this answers a whole bunch of questions! It sure answered a lot of questions for us I can tell you that! All of the evil, the absolutely unfathomable evil that goes on there completely makes sense now! Recently the Lord has opened up some revelation in regards to Antarctica, but the unbelievable depths of evil and darkness is beyond comprehension, and we are not being led to share it here. The Lord would have me suggest to all of you that you go into prayer, do some research, and really seek His face to understand what Antarctica is really all about.

The next thing the Lord revealed to us through our sister Jennifer, was that, In regard to Antarctica or ‘The Land of Nod” being to the “East” of Eden, I knew immediately what that meant! It was really amazing because, as the Lord was giving Jennifer this revelatory knowledge, He was giving me the revelation in my spirit and reminding me of the things that we've already learned, and He was having me put these puzzle pieces together! It was so incredibly exciting! So when she got that scripture about the east of Eden, I immediately remembered that the Lord showed us about three years ago that the Garden of Eden was actually over the Ethiopia/Horn of Africa region! Now I use the word “over” because when the gave me an open vision of how He created everything, a few years ago, He revealed to me that the garden of Eden was, and is still, outside of time, and can only be reached by walking through the veil. The gate where the two angels are guarding, that is the veil…or the ‘door’ Outside of time. And as we all know no one can go through that door until they are completely sanctified by Jesus (not the same as sanctified unto salvation - that is by His Blood -- this is sanctification to skip death and be taken by Jesus straight outside of time with Him).

But to continue where I was going with that, a few years ago the Lord revealed to us that the garden of Eden either hovered or was somehow laid over that area of Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, and Kenya. I do know that it was an Oval shape, but I do not know the size in regard to the land mass so I wouldn't know how much area it covered on the physical earth. So I simply drew a circle in that vicinity, to represent where the garden of Eden was at that time. So this morning when I was planning to get everything together here to put this post up and to do the video tonight, I spoke with Jennifer a little bit so we could look to the Lord for just a bit of clarification In regard to Eden. I had often wondered when it said east of Eden, was there a place on earth that Adam and Eve named Eden after the Garden. But after looking to the Lord, Jennifer got a “no”, that it was not a physical place that was named Eden. But she did get another word of knowledge where the Lord explained that Adam and Eve knew where the Garden used to be, and told the children. So of course then you can safely assume that the stories were probably told through those early generations and when Genesis was written, they simply described where the land of Nod was, related to where the Garden of Eden was. The amazing part of all that is that this is how I knew how the map would sit. Because if the Land of Nod is east of Eden, and we know where the general location was, then the north on this map would have been sideways as we know the earth today! When the flood happened the directions changed, and everything was completely different. So when the earth was first created, due north was north of the picture you see on the above map. So amazing to learn these beautiful revelations! Thank You Jesus! Glory to God!

So now, What the Lord explained to Jennifer was, in regard to the flood, the Lord revealed that because Antarctica was really the center of most of where the defilement came from on the earth, He knew He needed to separate that area from the rest of the earth. So contrary to what many believe, and what scientists have guest at, Antarctica was actually surrounded by land, and the Lord, through the flood, separated the land away from Antarctica. Antarctica stayed where it always was, and everything separated "from" it. So He would then be able to control the influence that they had around the rest of the earth in future generations. And He would never again, until the very last generation, which we are in now, allow them to overcome His creation. (Remember that satan, fallen angels and the satanic creatures are spirit, and they did not get destroyed in the flood. The Nephilim got wiped from the face of the earth, but all their disembodied spirits became "demons". God allowed the physical seed of satan to continue through Ham (the disobedient one), and his wife. Satan and his "workerbees" got right back up and runnin - and started in Ham's line with his grandson Nimrod....who 'became' Nephilim because he was SO evil. I just wanted to touch on that - too much to get into here.)

So having this understanding, I understood what The Lord meant when He spoke that to Jennifer. He gave me the full revelation of it in my spirit, and I began to compile the rest of the map as He led me. He showed me that Australia fit perfectly around Antarctica, which answered many questions for myself and our team family as well, seeing that close to 90% of Australia has already taken the mark of the beast! Remember that at the beginning of the world they were surrounding Antarctica where all the worst of Satan seed dwelt. I found that very interesting.

I also found it very interesting that the only land mass that connects the two larger land masses was Saudi Arabia, where of course Israel resides! And if you look at the map, Not only was the garden of Eden right in the middle, but right next to it was Israel! So the Lord always kept His Land in the center, I just think that is so beautiful!

One other thing that you'll need to understand, when you look at the map, you will see that the land mass of Europe, Russia, and Asia looks to be longer than it is on the map of today. It looks as if it's sort of stretched out. This is because the Lord also revealed to us that when flood came, He also used His breath to move the land masses where he wanted them to be. And when He used His breath to move the water the pressure of that water being moved literally pushed the land in and sort of “squished” it which is what created these huge mountain ranges around the world! These revelations are so over the top amazing for us, it is absolutely unfathomable and so incredibly humbling that the Lord chose to reveal these beautiful things to us so that we can share them with you!

The last thing I wanted to point out that was probably one of the most exciting parts of this for me! The same morning I was working on this map, I was looking at Google Earth online, and looking at America. I was looking at North America, South America, and even the little bit of land that stretches between the two. And regarding that stretch of land, which is called Isthmus of Tehuantepec (I had NEVER heard of that till this morning when I was labeling everything LOL), I was looking at it and trying to figure out how in the world The United States and Canada fit into all of this. I kept staring at it, I even went close up on Google Earth and saw that on this little stretch of land you can see where the part that is still attached to South America, has a texture to it that literally looks like it's been stretched and twisted. So Jennifer did get a word from the Lord when I was doing the map, that I was able to figure in land masses moving and turning around. That helped me to really keep an open mind on how this would all come together. So in looking at North America, I was sitting here by myself, and I asked the Lord how that land mass could possibly connect to all this. The tough part was that little stretch of land where Mexico is. I couldn't imagine which way that would go! So the Lord literally spoke to me, and He said I want you to look at the West Coast of North America and then look at the West Coast of South America. So I'm looking at both and I kind of can see where something might fit there but I still wasn't sure. And I just suddenly saw it! The Lord just put it in my spirit! He showed me that North America swung all the way up north when the flood happened! So in order to know where that land mass goes, you have to imagine the entire North America land mass moving West into the Pacific in a counterclockwise direction, In your mind push it all the way down until it is upside down next to Antarctica/the Land of Nod!!! When I did that it was so amazing to see how perfectly everything fit right together! Isthmus of Tehuantepec literally lays perfectly along the West Coast of South America, The United states lays right next to that, and of course Canada and Greenland together lays right next to that! It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in the spirit! To literally watch how god's handiwork happened when he moved these continents! So absolutely amazing!! And even MORE amazing - where do we hear the bulk of the Nephilim stories - and the fake alien/UFO (fallen angel/Nephilim/demons) stories in America? The Southwest, right!? Well guess WHAT PART of America touches Antarctica!??? THE SOUTHWEST!! AMAZING confirmation!! WOW!!

So in looking at North America, you will see that they also look a little bit elongated, that is because they, as well, were pushed in when the Father moved the water with his breath. This is how the entire Rocky Mountain range and all of the mountain ranges out west formed.

As you can see, regarding Japan and all of the Southeast Asian islands, he just had me sort of add them to that land mass, because that's exactly how it was. Of course this shape might be slightly different but that is the location that the Lord confirmed they were at the time. (Keep in mind, this was done completely free-hand as I was led of The Lord. There is no way for me to be "exact" with scale and size of everything. This is the closest I was able to get, and we got confirmation From The Lord that everything is in its place as it was then. Of course that doesn't mean the scale and s ize of everything was exact. It just means they are all "in the right place".)

I am absolutely sure that this was a huge surprise for all of you! It's really amazing because I looked online at all the different maps of what the world calls “Pangea”, and with the exception of one that was similar in regard to Africa, South America, in Antarctica, there is pretty much no maps whatsoever that really truly understand what it actually looked like at that time! So we just give God all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise for using us, and revealing all of these amazing mysteries, so that we can be here to show it to you, and hopefully help you grow in faith, and in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

SIDE NOTE: Because we're talking about the earth, I'm sure we're going to have different opinions, and different understandings of what people believe the earth looks like. I am being led to share with you just a little touch of how the Lord has shown us the earth is at this moment. But in doing so, please understand there will be no debating, no striving, no contention, and no discussing this. We are simply sharing what the Lord has revealed to us.

So about a year and a half ago, the Lord revealed and completely confirmed, to us, that neither the Flat Earth nor the Globe Earth is truth. His Creation is His mystery. He purposely only had very specific things said in scripture - and they are not all necessarily to be taken 'literally". The vocabulary and understanding of people in the Bible days was much more limited than it is today.

That said, He revealed to us that the earth and the universe are actually multidimensional. This makes perfect sense in regard to how the Lord showed me He created everything. When He gave me that open vision, I couldn't actually see what He was doing, but He explained to me that He was in process of creating the earth, time, space, and dimensions. I didn't understand that at the time, but I knew that the Lord knows best, of course! But in the big picture, now that we're understanding so much more, everything fits like a glove…spiritually and physically!! I've said this before, but at the same time that the Lord gave me that vision, when He told me about the earth, He also explained to me that when Lucifer fell and brought the angels with him, The Father put them in their prison, which was time, space, and dimensions. So the enemy is completely interdimensional, which is why the fake alien invasion will be interdimensional.

Contrary to what science tells you, no one really knows exactly what the earth looks like from space. You might see pictures, but we do agree with many, that NASA and their 'so-called' space program, is full of deception and lies. We do however believe that they are connected to Antarctica, and the fake alien agenda. And in case you're new, the fake aliens are not aliens from another planet, they are fallen angels, Nephilim, and/or demons.

So that is as much as the Lord is leading me to share, because, of course, none of this is a matter of salvation, we're not asking you to believe us, but we're asking you to do your own research, and seek the Lord on your own, and ask Him to confirm this all in your heart. We thank everyone for taking the time to read through this post, and to watch the video that we've made, and please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or comments at

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