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(Kathy's note: GLORY TO GOD!!! COME ON JESUS!!!)

Pieter Kirstein SWAT ministries June 1 at 3:09 AM ·

Our glorification is imminent.

This morning Father showed me the secret WiFi code which only the 144,000 firstfruits shall receive, prophetically. He said "the WiFi code shall be provided" End of 2020 the Holy Spirit supernaturally prayed me awake in tongues through my spirit man and I opened my eyes in an open vision and saw how we enter the mountaintop - Psalm 24. A voice declared - "and WiFi connection shall be provided" Which means, the life of the manifested firstfruits shall become as God's Kingdom

broadcasting network to voice out the counsel of the Father to those who are still in the

valley of decision. Joel 3 We shall become the voice of the mountain, the sons of thunder.

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