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A Brother in The Lord sent this to us the other day in a wonderful encouraging email, thanking us for standing strong and letting everyone know the CV Vax is INDEED the Mark of the Beast from the first shot! Thank you brother & passing it along here for anyone to READ & SHARE!! Amen!!

The following is a letter this brother sent to his son's pastor as a last stitch effort to share the truth.


A situation I had with my son's Pastor who has said numerous times on his You Tube ministry that the CV is NOT the Mark. After EXPLICITLY warning my son about the Mark, I sent the letter to his Pastor. It also references my testimony to members of my own family who were deceived into receiving the Mark...including my own father who passed away on Jan 3rd 2022 after he received his third booster on Oct 27th.

Pastor Tyrelle,

The Holy Spirit prompted me to correspond with you ONE more time...and then I will leave you alone...and shake the dust.

This is not about your parents, Christmas Trees, my son or anything else I have already addressed. I stand by what I are a grown man and will make your own decision. Done.

This is an issue you touched upon in several of your sermons: The Mark of the Beast.

I will give this ONE warning...ONE time. I'm sure Connor has already informed you of my stance. Like you...I could care less what men think....including you. So here it is take it or leave it...souls are in the balance.

The Mark IS the PHARMAKIA. The PHARMAKIA IS the Mark. It is the Covid 19 vaccine. It IS the ABOMINATION that makes desolate. The BODY IS the Temple that is being defiled. THIS IS THE TEST that has come upon the entire world. There is NO PRECURSOR! The PHARMAKIA and the MARK are ONE AND THE SAME. Take it and your gone.

Research it yourself...use your Greek and Hebrew concordance...its ALL there...and has been there for over 2,000 years. Just like the religious people couldn't see Christ's first advent because it didn't meet their is the same now with His coming second advent. First thing He said...LET NO MAN DECIEVE YOU! For MANY will come IN MY NAME and DECIEVE MANY. The Second Beast of Revelation looked like a LAMB but spoke as a DRAGON. The word for Beast in Revelation 13 for the 2nd Beast literally means MORE THAN TWO! MANY FALSE PROPHETS! Given all the authority of the First Beast...the political powers that be. What do these LAMB like Beasts that speak like DRAGONS say? "Its NOT the Mark" "The Beast isn't here yet" "You have to worship the Beast" (Worship IS obedience...who you whose servant you are!)

DO NOT be apart of this Second Beast System Ty! DONT DO IT! The Second Beast (The MANY False Prophets that deceive, even the Elect...if possible into recieving the Mark)...will all be cast alive into the Lake of Fire with the First Beast.

We are almost out of the time of this email over 60% of every human being on this planet has been corrupted by the PHARMAKIA. If Christ does not cut the days short...NO FLESH would be saved. Cry out against the TRUE ABOMINATION!...and it ain't Christmas Trees. Set your forehead like flint against it.

I know you don't believe me...but you will. What you tried to FORCE to come to pass...persecution from friends and family...and having to choose. Not being able to love God and mammon...not loving mother, father, sons and daughters above the Lord...God destroying those who defile the His Temple...and thousands of other scriptures that were type and shadow like admonishments are quickly becoming FLESH and BLOOD literal reality.

NO ONE will give a rip about your stance about Christmas, Easter or even preaching about Jesus Christ...the ABOMINATION and YOUR STANCE ON IT...will be the DECIDING FACTOR...THE true LITMUS TEST between Wheat and Tares. They look like each other UNTIL the end...and now its here. It IS TRUE that refusing the Mark DOES NOT SAVE YOU...only the Blood of the Son of God saves by the regeneration of the Holy Spirit via repentance, BUT taking it will cut you off ETERNALLY(Rev 14). So pray and take these things into consideration before you publicly state "The vaccine is NOT the Mark." That can have ETERNAL consequences on you for emboldening someone on the fence about whether to RECIEVE it or not. You see...that's how the Second BEASTS deceive others and themselves into defiling their temples, rendering them desolate and corrupting the very DNA with Gods name in it. Blotting their names from GOD'S BOOK OF LIFE! Having the wicked one Stand in the Holy Place...showing himself that he is God. ITS HAPPENING NOW! While everyone waits for a guy in black to enter a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and set up a statue of himself. Then start demanding worship and stamping 666 tattoos on everybody...we will already be neck deep in Tribulation with the Bridegroom at the door! Wake up!!

I leave you with these three accounts as witnesses in my own life...I shared this with a friend on is about my father, mother and childhood best friend Bill...(ALL took the vaccine last year, 2021) I will just copy and paste to save time:

I saw he (my Dad) called me at midnight from the hospital on Jan 1st...left a voicemail saying Happy New Year...then I noticed he called again at I knew something was wrong the next morning so I called him. His voice was weak but he told me he had a dream / vision for 4 hours that night from 2am until 6am...he was terrified. He said a King was trying to kill him. I said, a King? He said Old Testament King. I said who?...was it Nimrod? He said no it was Nebuchadnezzar!...and he was trying to give him a shot! I a needle? Or a vaccine? He said YES. He said the shot looked like a sword and he was trying to get me too...but that he would fail. My Dad was dead 48 hours later.

Nebuchadnezzar is an Old Testament type and shadow of the Beast...he build the image 60 cubits tall and 6 wide...and told that all nations, tongues and tribes had to bow down and worship it...but 3 Hebrew children know the rest of the story...

Back in the Spring when I told my mom I believed the shot was the Mark, (she was already double vaxxed then and got the booster on Oct 27th as well)...SUDDENLY she gasped and remembered a dream she had years ago...about how she was before a Heavenly court with all these opened books and they opened the Book of Life and told her name was not there...she said it must be...they told her sorry but it wasn't.

6 months ago Bill called...I asked him if he drank the koolaid? He said he did because he wanted to travel...then SUDDENLY without me saying a word, he exclaimed...I KNOW I TOOK THE NUMBER.

Out of their own mouths they WITNESSED the truth. It IS the Mark. I pray you haven't received it and never will.

...anyway Ty. Time is up...God has instructed me to leave you alone now. I have sent a copy of this Connor. I forgive you from my heart and leave you to the Master. I pray that we all see each other in the Father's Kingdom.


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