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Oceanic Nuclear Explosion And The Tsunami Wave on NY, USA/Russian Air Attack on USA –Sharlene Reimer


Vision #308 July 15/21 Thurs. evg. 3rd Warning With The Russian Involvement

Today, I was worshiping and praying while I was biking around my community. When I came to proclaim Ps 91, I came to my mountain, and while I was climbing, I noticed I was once again helping others up. One person in particular, I grasped their hand and encouraged this person to continue. When I got to the top, I met my eagle and off we went while I was proclaiming the Psalm. I noticed we went down and I found myself hovering over ocean. We went into the water and continued to the bottom of the ocean, where I saw a large crack open up. I don’t know how long the crack went but I understood it was deep. And in it, I noticed the dark red, which I understood was molten rock. I didn’t see it come out. Then I found myself going up and closer to the surface of the water. Suddenly before me was the back of some kind of propeller of what appeared to be a type of submarine which was moving ahead. The shell of it was smooth and dark.

On returning from my prayer on my bike, I went to the white bench area to ask Jesus about the submarine. I asked if the submarine was Russian and the Lord Jesus replied, “Yes, daughter.” And I said that I have seen previous visions of Russian subs in the water. Or maybe it’s the same one? “It is the same one, daughter. And it will be used to cause a powerful explosion at the bottom of the ocean to create a powerful tsunami wave.” Will this tsunami affect New York City, USA? Jesus replied, “Yes, daughter.” The previous visions referring to Russian involvement with a submarine- creating a nuclear explosion under the water as an attack on NYC, USA are: #26, #281

I went to see a vision. But I didn’t go down the stairs as I usually do. I just looked from the white bench area.

I looked and I saw a torpedo or some kind or missile moving downwards in the water at a very fast speed. I understood it was launched from that submarine that I had just previously seen. The picture changed and my perspective was from a distance away, in a panoramic view, as I saw the missile coming down from my right and hit the bottom of the ocean. And as it did, there was an immediate flash followed by incredible movement of water and debris causing my view to be darkened. It all happened very quickly. I did not see the wave this time. But I have seen it in 4 previous visions of the tsunami wave that hits New York City: #26, #124, #132,#216. Jesus reminded me that this submarine can also launch vertically. He also reminded me that there will be an attack by air with the explosion that creates the tsunami wave. More details in previous vision #281, #26

I’ve had other previous visions regarding the attack by Russia on USA; their country and navy: #2, #76, #8485, #143, #170, #183, #190

What is the message, Jesus?

“It remains the same, daughter. I AM calling for repentance and for this nation to return to Me. Without repentance, judgment is coming.” And Jesus gave me once again 2 Chron 7:14:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Believers, let’s continue to pray for revival for the USA; that they would repent and return to the Lord. All nations need this but this vision refers to the USA. Thank you Lord for Your continued mercy and grace for us all! Thank you that You continue to warn us and not treat us as our sin deserves. Revival is coming! Let’s stay faithful in prayer! Amen!

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